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  • Don't know what to do :S

    Hi guys, i'm not new here but i haven't visited the site too much. I'm trying to fix up and replace some parts on my bike to just make it all up safer and better looking. I can't afford to take it in for a full service at the moment because last time it cost me $500 and they barely did what i asked. So i'm just looking for some assistance in what parts i may need or where i could find them. And if this is in the wrong board then i apologize but i wasn't too sure where to put it.

    I'm riding an Honda VF500F '85, which is one reason why it's hard for me to find parts or to find people who are willing to service it. But it's reliable and it hasn't let me down since i bought it. Both of my rear indicators are hanging off and i've had to duct tape them to keep them safe, my foot pegs are quite loose but the metal peg has pushed through and wrecked the rubber should i just buy new rubbers or pegs or the whole bracket? There is cracks in the fairings that i will attempt to fix but if i need to replace them, would there be anywhere in Perth that would have them?

    Also, the other day i didn't let my bike warm up and it stalled as i was about to take off and i ended up dropping the bike. It wasn't hard but now on the side that i dropped it, the front indicator won't work and the back indicator flashes extremely fast compared to the other side. Can i replace the bulbs or will i need to replace some electricals?

    The last thing's are that my fuel cap is horrible to try and open and it sometimes feels like i am going to break the key, i've been told that it's because my key can't go down the full way to activate it so would i just get a new cap? And are alot of fuel caps quite universal? Another thing is that i can't use the steering lock, i feel like someone tried to steal the bike at some point because the barrel has some small damage to it, but because of that i can never turn the key all the way to the left to lock the handlebars. I'm currently using a Xena XX6 lock on the bike but i still feel quite un-safe not being able to lock it.

    I know that i posted a lot and to any of you that take the time out to read or comment then i am immensely grateful. Also once again if this is the wrong thread then i am sorry for my mistake. I'm still quite new to biking and i just really need some help. Any advice you can give me would be really helpful. I have attatched links to all the pictures if you want to see.

    Thanks guys.
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    hey C-Wood

    maybe try these guys for fairings haven't dealt with them personally but they do old stuff
    FIBREGLASS FAIRINGS FOR MOTORCYCLES | Parts | Gumtree Australia Wanneroo Area - Wangara | 1030678477

    as for the non working indicator check the globe if that's alright check contacts, connectors then wires

    and if your steering lock and fuel cap are shite replcace the set including seat release if its got it

    try find a part and fleabay
    Wreckers Car Parts, Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Truck Parts - Australia's #1 used parts locator


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      As far as the indicators go, the rear is flashing faster because the front is not working. Replace the bulb/fix the connection in the front and the flashing should return to normal. Pull the old bulb out and head to Supercheap/Auto Pro/ whatever to find a new one.

      You should be able to source peg rubbers from ebay. Try or and you can often get parts that you can't see on the australian ebay site.
      Actually, here they are. $12!! HONDA VF1100 VF500 VF700 VF750 VT1100 FOOTPEG RUBBER | eBay

      That store has quite a lot of parts. It might be worth contacting them to see if you can get a bunch of parts at a discount.
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        There are a few European/UK-based online shops, which have a lot of the old parts. I found the following useful, when restoring my 1980 CB250RS:
        - CMSNL(.com) I think
        - wemoto(.com/
        - (most friendly and helpful service - just a bit limited with the parts)

        It's worthwhile comparing prices and the shipping cost usually still doesn't bring the prices up to what you would pay in Perth - if you get the parts!


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          Have chat to [MENTION=8418]potato[/MENTION] about fairing repairs and [MENTION=7479]rharris[/MENTION] about your dodgy locks


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            There are loads of bits on ex USA.....
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              try some graphite powder in the locks, that stuff works wonders on dry stiff locks.


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                Originally posted by Johnno View Post
                try some graphite powder in the locks, that stuff works wonders on dry stiff locks.
                No, no and just no. Never ever use graphite in locks. Some Inox works just fine.