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  • Bike show.

    Just got home from the bike show. The bikes were outstanding and it was a great day for it. The one thing that got me, and it did last year so it goes to show I never learn, is that most of the bikes there were from shops. I completely understand that the shops need to attend because not only are they showing off their new models, but they are probably paying for some of the event to be held. That's all good and I loved looking at the shop bikes. The only other bikes there were the show bikes and the 66 crew. These were all great too, but where would I go to see a load of bikes that people have worked on? I've been to the All Jap Shows and they are great! Are there any other events where there are plenty of customized/modified bikes to have a gander at?
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    What got me was the piss poor customer service from the honda sales reps.

    mate was waiting for sometime and just walked away and bought a kwaka.

    all the sales reps just stood there on their phones, sending msgs on fb etc. Pathetic.

    other than that it was a good turn out.


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      Hi Kat69, if your after modded 2t bikes there's plenty and the blue haze next weekend would be a good intro.. but 4 stroke I'm not sure who can help you out...

      I agree and I'm as guilty as anyone... I should have made more effort and put a couple of bikes in the show... But I thought the same thing today...



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        ^^^^ Had the same thing with the KTM crew this arvo, three of them standing around (1 behind the counter) Andy was very interested in the 1290, but they weren't taking any notice, I was giving them the eye, shaking my head in his direction saying hurry up, he got pissed off and walked away before they got the hint.


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          We arrived a bit after 10 am this morning. Place was like a funeral and we had second thoughts about even paying to go in.

          After a bit of thought we decided that there was bugger all else to do and went in. The crowd was pretty thin and had no real atmosphere.
          Guzzled very average coffee [so they said it was anyway] and just hung about.

          About 11 the crowds arrived and the show seemed to kick into high gear. The atmosphere kicked in and the whole place woke up. Ended up having a great day and went home with even less of an idea of what we wanted to do than when we arrived, a sign of a great set of exhibitors who were interested in selling and all had great product.

          Agree some of the shop staff needed to put their fucking phones down and attend to enquiries from those who payed $20 a head per person to to see what was available.

          Service wise;

          Honda was non-existant. Suzuki similar. KTM good. BMW- can't comment as bikes were too f*cking big for me. CF MOTO- great service. West Coast Customs- Superb service and can't recommend them highly enough. Professional guys who were low key but knew their stuff and spoke to my wife as well as me. Their work is just beautiful.
          Timeout trailers- Great again. TC Streetrods and Custom Bikes-fantastic. Global Motorcycle skills.- Great again. Top bloke and got the wife really keen to gain more experience in order to forward her riding skills. Booked for 2 , just waiting for dates, ect. Ducati -Paddo was there , service is exemplary [as usual].

          Anyway , just a mention of a few exhibitors who cared about their product and potential customers. Didn't see everyone as ran out of time , and simply weren't interested in others.

          All up, had a surprisingly great day considering the size of the show , and even the wife had a really good day .THAT was a win in itself as she is keen for a new bike and travelling on them more.
          Worth a look and worth the entry fee alone.

          Only major disappointment was the absolute lack of support from manufacturers or agents of protective equipment. Helmet House were there but could only fit in a limited amount of models ,and displayed mainly the top sellers which is understandable.

          There were no boots to try on , look at or even purchase. SIDI were sold through one shop , but not much else and very limited models.
          This lack of support is endemic in all shows in WA bar the one that was in Freo years ago , and even then you couldn't buy anything.

          Seems you need to drive to every shop in Perth to try on different boots or jackets , or see what different gear is available. Probably cheaper and easier to fly to Sydney Nov 15 th for the Expo over there...

          Left after 6pm but could have stayed longer.

          Anyway , that is my cool story Bro post so if you are bored tomorrow then head down and hang in the air-conditioning looking at a few shiny bikes.
          Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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            Crap service at aprilia too.... I stood in front of the guy at the counter with my daughter for about 2-3 minutes while he talked to his co worker sbout getting lunch :-/ I even said hi like 3 times and he just sat there... The other guy looked at me then turned back ti his mate to continue their "where do we get lunch " talk.

            Suzuki weren't much better either... Considering i was sitting on a GSR750 that i am considering buying ;-/
            Not from them now tho ;-)


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              I walked around the Honda section eying up the Repsol bike Mick rode in the morning. I wanted a pic of the two girls that were there so I asked one of the reps. He was looking at his phone but when I asked him if he would mind taking a photo, he sprung into gear. The end result was a nice happy snap with two gorgeous ladies while astride the Repsol Honda. I'm glad I asked!
              I got there around 12 noon and there was already a big crowd. I was worried that I might have to wait in the traffic to get in but that side of it was good, though I did walk half way around the oval following someone else before I realized I was walking the wrong way! Doh!
              As for perving at two strokes, any bike can light my wick so I'll keep an eye out for the Blue Haze. I keep buying bikes with the thought of modifying them into café racer or a bobber, but I just end up restoring them because they are usually too good to tear apart! Either that or I just put them in the shed for a future restoration. I bought a Honda 350 four to turn into café racer before I found out that they are few and far between. I bought a DR600 with the thought of turning it into café racer like the one on display today at the 66 stand, but guess what. I spent $1000 on parts for the engine and now have a DR600 that goes hard..... And I already have a TT600! It's not like I've got two bums! I just bought a 98 ZX7R to race but it's in such good nick (ok, I bought it not working and plenty of work is needed) I would hate to drop it! I see it, I get plans like polishing the frame and making carbon parts for it and then I think it will be too good to race! I think I'll have to buy a licensed bike like a CB or XS something with a missing tank and missing seat. That way it's missing the parts needed to restore it and I'll actually make that café racer!
              Advise from my Psychiatrist. "Life wasn't meant to be easy". Such a nice thought to wake up to every morning. The pills help though


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                Went to the show on Friday. Drooled over the bikes in EVERY stand, but the only one where a sales rep came near me was...Kawasaki. Nice bloke and we had a good chat whilst I perved at the restored Z900 (Z1B?).
                The guy selling the MotoAir airbag jackets, Seth Vagg, also took the time and made the effort to demonstrate and talk about his products...unlike many of the other sellers. Seth made the effort and got a sale. Need I say more?


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                  Woops. Already sent.
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                  Advise from my Psychiatrist. "Life wasn't meant to be easy". Such a nice thought to wake up to every morning. The pills help though


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                    Went to the show as well but left a little disappointed.
                    I keep forgetting it's just really a big trade show full of shops with staff that would rather be somewhere else, ie at home on facebook.
                    Can see I wasn't alone at being ignored by the staff.

                    I like the smaller shows with a festival style atmosphere.

                    - - - Updated - - -

                    Oiler, Where is this Blue Haze thing, is it a custom show.


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                      Wandered around, bought some gloves, chatted to the KTM blokes. Would've liked to have seen some boobs, but not bad value considering I snuck in the back way for free.


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                        Lets just say - I never paid a cent... Thats how poor the thing was run...


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                          ^^ wow what a great way to support motorcycling in wa. I wonder if you would sneak into barbs if given the chance.

                          As you both didn't pay you have no right to complain about the show or how it's run IMO.

                          Kind of like not voting and then moaning about how the country is run.


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                            I am down in Albany this weekend and it looks like we are limping home via Katanning with a blown headgasket . Good to see people having a cry about a bike show
                            They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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                              Originally posted by Gixxer 7 View Post
                              Crap service at aprilia too.... I stood in front of the guy at the counter with my daughter for about 2-3 minutes while he talked to his co worker sbout getting lunch :-/ I even said hi like 3 times and he just sat there...
                              On friday I managed to nab the youngish mech (I'm assuming from the causeway shops) who was filling in for the "sales guy" while the sales guy was getting lunch eleventy billion times more helpful!
                              Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.