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Suspension Rebuilds - who to go to?

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  • Suspension Rebuilds - who to go to?

    I need to get the tard's suspension overhauled and rebuilt. Tried using the search but for some reason it is borked for me.

    So who is pretty decent (ie, the best) at doing it? I have an ohlins rear and marzocchi fronts that need doing. Willing to send it anywhere in Australia as long as it is done well.
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    Russel at Dynotime. Thats who just did mine in the TM
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      + Russel at Dynotime. Andy Offer at Aark racing could also do it, but he mainly deals with the K-tec stuff.


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        +1 Russ @ Dynotime.. Been with both bikes and about to take the RS back for a cartridge installation. Top bloke also.


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          My valiant steed is currently with Andy Offer getting her front suspenders looked at. Be aware he's over taking care of some world supersport racing ATM though IIRC, so you mightn't get it done as quick as you might hope.
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            Local: Dynatime

            Interstate: Terry Hay at Shock Treatment - Shock Treatment Home Page
            Shitty web site, but he's one of the best suspension tuners in Australia.
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              To throw another one in the ring... Paul at Chain Reaction Motorcycles. He's in constant contact with Terry Hay, as well as most of the other suspension dealers in Australia and has a dedicated suspension section in the shop.
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