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Causeway sales staff need a bollocking!

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  • Causeway sales staff need a bollocking!

    Now that i have your attention..

    Went into causeway yamaha/kwaka to have a general browse around (first time stepping foot in this store as ive only been in perth 18 months). And also to try on some dririder gloves and summer pants i have seen on the net (with the intent to buy).

    I was pleasantly greeted by the guy behind the desk, at the front of the shop (even while he was on the phone) as I walked in aimlessly. Lets just say it went completely down hill from there. I browsed the helmets for a minute, moved over to the jackets and pants, and then spent about 5 minutes rustling through the gloves clearly looking for a particular model. All this time, there are 3 people standing behind the sales desk, 2 young ones talking to eachother about god knows what, and some bloke who did look busy. I walk up to the desk where the young guy seems startled by my request for help in his sales area, asking if they have dririder rx adventure gloves in stock. He just gives me a "I dont know if we do but whats there is all we have". I think yep no worries, "Also do you have any dririder airride pants?". "We only have just whats on the rack". Which is all of about 5 pairs of dririder pants.. All sizes from fat to obese, No L/XL.

    I felt like the only person interested in my business was the guy at the front who was already busy, really wishing he had served me now too. Is this the norm for this shop? I walked out empty handed.. where i was ready to spend ~$300 on gear i was after. And if they were actually not in stock, would have been happy to wait for them to arrive to try on and buy, yet not given the light of day for this sort of option.

    From this bad service I wont step foot back in there unless they have a bike i cant buy elsewhere. Bad service is becoming very common around Perth and it gets on my nerves.

    Think ill be keeping my business to the shops who look after me.. Cannington motorcycles in particular is just awesome.

    Vent over.

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    18 months to work out that perth has shocking service. You need to get out more haha