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  • Nodding etiquette

    Hi guys

    Sorry if this is another repeated subject but I had a search which came up with nothing.

    I'm a new rider, only passed my test on Wednesday. Been riding to and from work the last few days and have been passing a few other riders along the way, none that I have noticed have given me the nod and I'm now starting to ease off with my nodding.

    Should I just keep nodding at every bike I pass? Or do I hold back the nod for only the special ones that nod me first?
    Do sports only nod sports and cruisers with cruisers or should it be a free for all nodding at everyone I see.

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    Is it really that important
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    You got me in trouble...


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      Not really I'm just board at work


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        I get a few nods riding to tafe every day.. cept this one squid on a 1098 corse... too cool for school that guy lol


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          I typed the word nod into the search...

          There's heaps of thread on this subject...

          Nod, don't nod, whatever...

          I nod mostly...


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            Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I nod, whether sportsbike, cruiser, whatever. (ok, possibly not scooters) Couldn't care less if they nod back but I have noticed it's not as common as it used to be.


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              nod away I say. I nod at anyone that seems to be looking in my direction who is on two wheels. Except scooters. The more trying the conditions (weather etc) the more I will nod. I like to think the people who don't return the nod either haven't seen me or are busy dealing with the ride. it's an acknowledgement we're all out there together trying to survive the cages and knowing no matter how nice their cage is...we live life at another level.
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                Nod as much as you can, as fast as you can, and don't stop for any reason.


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                  I put one of these on my bike:

                  It does the hard work of nodding for me.
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                    You've had your license for three days. Concentrate on simply not-crashing for a while, yeah?
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                      I don't nod at scooters, they are inferior bastards who ride only to save petrol and take our parking spaces.
                      I don't nod at bikies, they are inferior bastards who ride only because they are told to and will NEVER return the nod.

                      Everyone else I nod at. If we don't use it, we'll lose it.
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                        I'm nodding right now.

                        Have you thought about installing a FE? People will nod once you put one of those on your bike. I think they're legal too.
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                          It has been quiet stretches of road where I have been nodding and thinking about it


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                            I nod unless I don't notice them. Sometimes even scooter riders if I don't immediately recognise its a scooter.

                            I don't care if they nod first, nod back, ignore me, stare blankly or give me the finger.

                            I noticed I'm a "late nodder". A lot of time I'm nodding as they pass so don't know (or care) if they nod back.

                            Sometimes I get a nod from a driver, passenger or pedestrian. I presume they're riders, know riders, want to be a rider, or sympathetic towards riders. Better than when they bark at you or yell obscenties. Kids nod a lot too I've noticed. And smile. And point. And appreciate a wave. And motion for wheelies (yeah right).

                            What were we talking about again?

                            Oh, nodding. Do it if you want. Or not.
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                              [QUOTE=devolved;2963127]I'm nodding right now.

                              Have you thought about installing a FE?

                              Should I show how nieve I am and even ask what an FE is