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Mugello Moto GP 2014 Accomodation?

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  • Mugello Moto GP 2014 Accomodation?

    Has anyone got some experience visiting Italy for the Moto GP in mugello?

    so far i have found everyhing in walking distance has sold out, so now im looking at scooter/bike hire for a few days, as there are some places avaliable about 20km from the track.

    has anyone got some recomendations?

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    Wow. Could they have planned any earlier?
    I am looking at Jerez for 2014 . . . if anyone has similar information for Jerez Spain it would be greatly appreciated. To prevent any more of a threadjack (apologies) please PM. Thanks.


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      I'm also planning to attend the Mugello GP next year - staying in Florence and then either driving (will have a car) or getting a bus to the track.

      Tickets for the GP haven't been released yet have they?
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        could be rossi's last home race :O


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          That's the problem with Mugello it's smack bang in hills in the middle of fucking nowhere. The larger cities in the area (Bologna and Florence) do run either a Bus or Train/Bus Connection to the town right next to the track though - Most of the stations these days have ticket machines in Itaglish.

          I stayed once in Borgo San Lorenzo (largest town in the area) bout 5-6kms each way (ok to walk if your pissed, but shite if your sober or hungover). The other time I was there I stayed at a camp site in San Piero, not walking distance, but every man and his dog and child had a bike of some sort. A Local bus took us to the town next to the track each day.

          Sorry was about 10 years ago so I've little memory of the names of the places I stayed at.

          Edit: If you haven't ridden in Italy before, its a hoot, so stay anywhere and hire a motorbike, it'll be just as memorable or even more so than the GP The area is really hilly so hiring a scooter I won't recommend so much, same with a pushy.

          Other alternates are to check the Treinitalia website, search for the town you are staying in and then see if it has a train close by which heads to either San Piero A Sieve or Borgo San Lorenzo. If you can get to these stations you'll just jump on the bus with the crowds.
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            Florence is typical Italian chaos turned up to 11. It is interesting to spend a couple of days especially if you are travelling with family/partner but if you are just looking for a base for the GP then there are probably better options.

            I find Bologna really easy to get in and out of, lots of hotel options and generally easier as a base. I have stayed there a few times either passing through or as base to Imola.

            Public transport is generally excellent but a bike makes life heaps easier to get around in Italy. Bike parking for Moto GP and Superbike rounds is usually excellent. The centre of a lot of cities in Europe are now traffic restricted, so you need a permit for your car but bikes are unrestricted.

            For what it’s worth, I hire bikes from these guys in Milan (ask for Francesco, excellent English, helpful and efficient, didn’t give a crap when a scraped a brand new GS down the side of a car in Barcelona).

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