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  • Strange vibrations

    No, I'm not talking the sweet soothing vibration of the thumping 250cc Honda CBR engine currently under me...

    Yesterday while riding home from work at around 4000rpm there was a noise/vibration coming up through the shield/tacho area. First time its happened. When I push up on the shield it goes away. I'm sure I looked a right tool revving the bike at the lights and holding the right range to work that out.

    Anyway when I got home I checked the bolts around the shield/tacho and all was tight. Started the bike up and at those revs I noticed it sounds like its slightly missing. The past few starts the bike has stalled on a cold start too, or revved up to 3500-4000 rpm until I blip thr throttle then its settled back down.

    Its due a major service (incl. spark plug and valve clearances etc) but while I'm waiting thought I'd ask if anyone has had a similar issue and opening up for 20 questions.
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    On my old CBR600 I started to get what I thought was an engine rattle at around 5000 - 6000 RPM....... bugged the crap out of me, especially after replacing the timing chain tensioner to no avail.....

    After stripping the bike down of almost all non-essential parts (like fairings etc) and going for a fang around the block I realised the "rattle" was my aftermarket windscreen resonating with the engine vibrations at that particular rev range.

    I'd start by removing stuff like that and see if you can replicate the problem.


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      Take the windshield off and see if you still get the sound.
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        Get the service done before you worry about anything else. Chances are it will go with the new plugs & tune.
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          I think this is common with the cbr250. [MENTION=30597]Aufitt[/MENTION]

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            Had the same in my CBR500. I ended wedging a small piece of rubber between the instrument panel and the windscreen. I used a self adhesive rubber foot, the sort you get to prevent scratches to table tops.


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              Nope, not the Friday thread I was looking for....
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