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Motorfairing Review Required

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  • Motorfairing Review Required

    Hey guys,

    Firstly apologies if I have posted in the wrong section.
    Secondly this is my first post for the record.

    I have had a search and haven't been able to find any supplier specific results so..

    Has anyone, or does anyone know of someone else who has purchased from Motorfairing in the past? (Link below)
    Motorcycle fairings|Motorbike fairings|Aftermarket fairings|motorfairing

    For a aftermarket ABS plastic fairing, how terrible or how Amazing is it?
    I need a full fairing kit for my 2006 Aprilia RS125 and have been looking around.
    Alternatively if anyone has a recommended supplier to use that stocks Aprilia fairings i would very much appreciate it.

    Thanks for reading!


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    Dude, I would check in with the guys in the 2T forum as well, [MENTION=21401]Loud[/MENTION] or one of the other guys might have info for ya!


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      Might pay to look around while you wait. Some aftermarket fairings are pretty well exact replicas of the originals because they use the originals to make a mould. Some other distributors seem to try to reproduce the fairing from memory after seeing the bike speed past.


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        Never used an aftermarket fairing kit. You sure your ones can't be repaired? OEM ones are coming down in price too. Otherwise, scope out eBay - people put race fairings on and sell off the road parts.
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          Thanks for the advice guys.
          I will try the 2T site mentioned.

          And yeah a quite a few of mine are pretty buggered. I will give ebay ago though for second hand however. All i seem to come across is ABS look alikes! so much effort to sort through haha.