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Quickshifter Options CBR600RR + Were to Dyno?

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  • Quickshifter Options CBR600RR + Were to Dyno?

    Hi All,

    Chasing a small amount of advice from those that have been there.
    The bike is setup with a PC5, Wanting to go a quickshifter for the drags.
    I see it as I have two options, The Dynojet route, or a HM Quickshifter. The Dynojet route seems like it may be a little more complicated, and also seems as if there shift rods are rather weak(the fact that they advertise you may want to buy a spare). This option would also cut fuel, not spark.

    If i went with the HM, It would cut spark, In theory leaving unburnt fuel in the system, which could be cool for the wank factor of flames on shifts.

    All in all, What have you tried, What would you recommend?

    (Would love to hear of anything else someone has trialed)

    Also looking to get the bike Dyno tuned, Recommendations of where to go would be great!

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    Also have a look at the Annatori it's the same as a HM but doesn't have the LCD display and is about $200 cheaper
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      Originally posted by Mr_Mike View Post
      Also have a look at the Annatori it's the same as a HM but doesn't have the LCD display and is about $200 cheaper
      Have one on both the 750 road bike and 600 track bike. Absolutely love them BUT have ridden a mates K6 Gixxer thou with the dynojet and it was slightly smother ( took a fair bit of dyno time till he was happy though ) and you cannot adjust anything except for how hard you need to hit the leaver ( hard for me which really is still just a light bump but light triggers if you bump it ).

      If it's just for the fun and consistent runs then go the Annatori. If your chasing outright time and want to get every last little bit out of every shift then the HM or dynojet are the go ( Personally I'd take the HM for the strain gauge type shift rod ) .
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        I Run Dynojet on both my road and my race bikes. Th shift rods are not weak at all. probably stronger than standard. Thye may suggest 2 becasue they are for a racing application and race bikes do get crashed every now and then.
        It is not complicated to set up and works perfectly. If you do want it Dyno tuned as well organise fo both at the same time.

        we use Chain Reaction Motorcycles. Paul has proven himself time and time again. get him to organise the quickshifter but FFS get the Push or Pull type correct. so many people do not understand this simple function
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          I had an HM on my GSXR 1000 K8. Piece of piss to set up and never had any problems in two years ( although I read reports of some who did but their customer service within the uk was impeccable apparently).
          Got it with the bike when I bought it, but it was FUCKING AWESOME when it banged through my decatted Arrow exhausts on the upshifts. I had read reports that quick shifters in general can bend the clutch selector fork on suzukis but again no probs on mine.
          I will buy another when finances and circumstances allow. Regardless of what brand you get, they are the cat's cunt :-)


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            Been doing a fair bit of research on QS systems of late as its about the last thing my bike needs, seems the Bazzaz and HM review the best a lot of people complain the Dynojet isn't as smooth maybe that's cos its a fuel cut and not a spark cut. The Annatori is another one i have read good things about. Being a strain shifter like the HM its not as sensitive to miss-cuts if you accidentally bump the shifter.
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              I put a dynojet shifter on my R6 two days ago. Smooth shifting, sooo easy to set up/install (took bugger all time, just prop the tank up, two plugs online with factory plugs, plug in shift sensor, update PCV on laptop, done)