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Alpinestars Leather Jacket "Jaws"

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  • Alpinestars Leather Jacket "Jaws"

    Thought I might get my self a leather jacket and this is the one I like the best.

    Anyone know of any shops that have them on the shelf as I have no idea what size I am.



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    I think Cully's Yamaha in Balcatta had a couple in store last time I was there... They definitely had a few of the newer generation Astars Jackets in there at least.

    It's probably a bit far to travel for you though (on a whim). You could try 5 Star Yamaha, they normally stock similar stuff to Cullys. If not, give Cullys a call and make sure before you treck it to see them!


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      Try Helmet House in Victoria Park....... they had some at the bike show recently (thats where I got mine)


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        Cheers. Will give 5 star a look on friday.

        Is the jaws jacket one of the older ones?


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          Nah, one of the newer ones (Jaw, Celer, Atem etc.). They were released in the last 12 months and replaced some that had been out for a couple years (Tech1R, GP Pro etc.)


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            As Dirty32 said, pretty sure the Jaws is the successor to the GP-R and Cullys normally have a decent stock of AStars. Plenty of decent sizing charts out there for AStars clobber though. Shouldn't be too hard to pick the right size if buying online.
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              Sorry to hijack but do white leather jackets stay white ? The reason I ask is because my gloves have gone a milky cream color over the course of a few months.


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                Hey CBRook. I have white leathers, white boots, white gloves... Its important to keep them clean using a good quality leather cleaner and seal with a quality wax to keep them soft but even then you may get some yellowing. Its hard work but I love my jacket, its the Berik Alien...


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                  Well, if you really wanna keep your leathers clean give [MENTION=30080]RRossi[/MENTION] a buzz. He'll hook you up.
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