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Very road biased tyres für road trail

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  • Very road biased tyres für road trail

    Turns out I went about setting up my steed wrong way around. Time constraints and economy leave me with a choice of tyres for the next holiday.
    Any hinters for what would be a proper road tyres (think supermotard) in road trail sizes 2.75-21 and 120/80 till 4 -18 so I can hit the bends appropriatly?

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    Avon distanza

    Scrub that teach me for not reading properly a Distanza has some semblance of off road performance which you may or may not want. Avon used to do a tyre called the super venom full road tyre available in dirt bike sizes, its called something slightly different now but worth looking up. The other candidate is the Pirelli Sport Demons.
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      I can't help with the 18inch rear as mines a 17. Have you checked what sizes you can run, 90/90-21 is common for the front, and you may have more luck if you know what widths you can run on the rear (120/80 seems to be common).
      There are a lot of road tyres in 90/90-21 (and similar) because cruisers run them, sport demons as Nero said, BT45s, Michelin commanders, etc.
      Pirelli Scorpion Trail are a very road biased dual-sport tyre. I have one on the front of my DR because the Anakee 3 wouldnt fit (have one on the rear). I haven't had it long enough to tell how well it lasts and I don't ride hard enough for grip to be a problem, but it is pretty smooth and doesn't feel any different to a road tyre. The only rear tyre in that range for an 18 is 150/70-18, so for KTM etc. Pirelli MT-90 have one that will fit though. If you are willing to mix and match you might be able to find a combination you are comfortable with
      For Pirelli try their prices and service are pretty good.

      And what Nero said.