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  • RIP "Rennie"

    Hi all, it is with a heavy heart that I advise the passing of the 2010 MAD Bike.

    I figured I would post and let everyone know as I know a lot of people loved this bike and I would rather be the one to tell you all.

    “Rennie” as she was affectionately known was knocked over while parked outside the Post Office a few weeks ago. The damage didn’t look too bad, but the fact that she was so customised and everything on her was insured has proven her undoing. Not to mention the fact that fairings are no match for a 4WD tow ball.

    I do feel a little sorry for the woman who hit her as she will no doubt now be paying off a rather large debt. Let this be a lesson, even if your vehicle is not “worth” insuring, the one you hit might be, so at least have third party!

    I assume she will now go to the auctions, so someone else will get to enjoy my little piece of history.

    So goodbye to my dear Rennie-girl, I’ll miss you!
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    Teh oh noes!

    Filbert on Moto Guzzis;
    Originally posted by filbert
    it's like a ducati with the motor put in sideways for people who are too scared of the power of harley davidsons


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      Some fat prick wrote mine off doing that out the front of the Denmark Hotel.

      Bought it back and it is now operational again.
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        bummer Ice...

        Race bike coming your way
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          Oh man. Sad to hear. This is still the only MAD bike that I saw constantly out and about on the roads.
          Can you help with foster care?


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            any pics b4 it died, ive never seen it
            NEVER KNOWS BEST


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              Sorry for your loss Pene.

              Condolences to all those who were involved in giving her life.


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                RIP to the old girl. As somebody who was part of MAD for many years all we hoped was the bikes were loved and care for, and especially ridden as they were intended. And Pene did all these things.

                Here are some pics - -
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                  An unfortunate end for a much loved bike. Sorry Pene.


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                    That's a gixxer that was customized pretty much exactly how i'd want.

                    Stat write off only though yeah? Repairable to live on as a regular bike?
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                      that's sad news indeed Pene. such a beautiful bike
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                        Yes it should be a repairable write off (statutory writeoffs are where they're unregisterable, but there's absolutely no reason it would be a stat writeoff).
                        From experience, though, I dont like getting bikes back that have been repaired. I've bought wrecks and restored them and they're fine coz I didn't "know" them before they were crashed, but I don't think repaired bikes are ever quite the same, so I won't be buying her back. Someone will get a nice bike with some trick bits that they can have painted to their own tastes. Would be a good wreck to buy.
                        "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."


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                          sad to hear

                          i had thought as much as savage hadn't been in touch

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                            They didn't know either until today. Originally they were waiting on one of the parts suppliers and then on the Assessor's report and review. QBE called me this morning.
                            "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."


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                              My favourite MAD bike

                              I hope someone on here buys the wreck and puts it back on the road ASAP.
                              Originally posted by Desmo
                              Why be a cunt about it?