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Stumbled apon this and thought it to be of interest.

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  • Stumbled apon this and thought it to be of interest.

    LiveMap: Motorbike helmet with navigation | Indiegogo

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    awesome concept but the website doesnt fill me with confidence.. seems silly to me why the didn't just focus on developing the tech to suit one popular helmet as a replacement visor kit than try to develop a new helmet.. would have taken a LOT of the risk factor out let alone slashed the startup costs.. then there's potential for a helmet maker to sell their lids with it pre integrated later if it goes well..

    for this reason, I'm out.


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      Im not that keen on the display being in the centre of the visor?
      I reckon you would stack it looking at the map but if it was lower or upper left right you would be able to glance and then back to the road.
      If they had it like google glass your eye movement may even be used as a controll??


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        Yeah I can't say I'm a huge fan. It'd piss me off seeing a display constantly in my face.


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          i guess its only a matter of time but i think a better application for the technology on bikes would be as a "head up" display mounted or projected on the wind screen not into the helmet, i like to keep my field of vision, including peripheral vision clear, it would just be another distraction. plus being that close i probably couldn't focus on it anyway
          I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality