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Crash sun 15/12 Scarb beach road

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  • Crash sun 15/12 Scarb beach road

    Just a long shot but wondering if anyone witnessed a motorcycle vs car crash on Scarborough beach road around 6pm 15 dec?
    I can't remember what happened and media article doesn't match what I remember just before the crash/my memory blanking out.

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    first of all I want to ask if you are ok?

    yes I was first on scene, called the ambulance and my wife directed traffic for a bit.

    -The 4wd that you hit was coming out of the AustPost carpark on the south side of Scarb bch rd and was attempting to go directly across to the street on the northern side.
    -he was let through the traffic and had reached almost the middle of the road
    - It was only then that I heard your bike, then I saw you heading towards the beach ( I don't know what lane you were in though) (NOT speeding from what i saw either)
    -then heard impact (shielded by traffic) then I saw you on the ground.

    You impacted the rear right hand 1/4 panel of the 4wd.
    I don't know if you were trying to turn and got caught out when the 4wd went straight across or were temporarily blinded by the setting sun.

    Also there was a young boy in the 6thseat that got a bit of whiplash, he was discharged from hospital and is fine, the father/driver was in shock, he honestly didn't see you.

    If you want any more info or want to talk to the driver please let me know.



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      Originally posted by Lex_Steele View Post
      the father/driver was in shock a useless fuckwit who shouldn't be allowed to drive for at least another five years, he honestly didn't see you.
      One owner. Only driven gently on Sundays. Sold to best offer. First to see will buy. Reward offered for safe return. Coming soon to a cinema near you. Available for a limited time only.

      My waterbed broke this morning. Oh, I don't have a waterbed. Bugger.


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        Thanks Dave. Can I get your contact details by pm?
        The media report said I was lane splitting but the last thing that I thought I remembered was the right turning lane was clear, green light although I wasn't at the lights yet. I was planning on turning right.
        Thanks for helping at the scene, I don't remember anything apart from a few snippets from the ambulance until I got to hospital.
        I heard about the kid and hope he's ok.


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          Hope your ok JC. Let us know if there is anything VRT can help you with during your recovery.
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            I'm glad the young fella is ok.
            TEG said the kid was hysterical as he thought I was dead. Poor kid.
            If you're in contact with them let them know no permanent injuries, I should be out of hospital by weekend.
            No hard feelings for driver either, shit happens.
            Been riding long enough should know to look out for car parks and stuff.


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              Thanks Tim


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                Shit mate, not good at all!

                I'm around the corner if you need anything
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                  Glad to hear you're in good spirits and on the mend after your crash.


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                    Applicable news snippet

                    One dead, five injured in four separate motorbike crashes in WA in two days

                    A 44-year-old Bibra Lake motorcyclist is being treated in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital with serious injuries after he was thrown from his bike following a crash with a car on Scarborough Beach Road about 6.25pm on Sunday.
                    Mr Dinnison said police believe the car was exiting a car park and another two vehicles had stopped to allow the vehicle to enter the road.
                    He said it is alleged the motorcyclist rode between the two stationary cars and hit the side of the vehicle pulling out.


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                      [MENTION=6662]-JC-[/MENTION] I'm in Bibra Lake if you need anything.
                      Heal up quick mate


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                        Thanks for the offers of support.


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                          Good luck with it all dude, saw your pic in the other thread, bike looks alright all things considered! Hope insurance plays ball, heal fast and all that jazz.


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                            [MENTION=5421]Phildo[/MENTION] : please don't make accusations unless you were actually there and saw the whole thing. Inattention played both sides of the field on this one I believe.

                            JC: PM sent
                            also the young lad wasn't hysterical, he was quite calm about the whole thing from what I saw (no crying or screaming anyway). The father/driver was a mess after seeing what had happened to you, seemed more worried about you than his son.


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                              Crash sun 15/12 Scarb beach road

                              I was going by what TEG said, I have no memory of what happened.
                              And was on a lot of pain killers when they spoke to me in hospital