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Fork compressor for zx10r

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  • Fork compressor for zx10r

    Hello there fellow DIY bike mechanics , it appears the last guy to have my bike didnt do a great job "rebuilding" the forks , upon inspection my top cap on left leg was not assembled onto the piston rod !

    To cut a long story short I require a fork compresser tool for an hour or so , willing to trade carton of beer and terrible conversation , conversation is optional quite happy to stand in silence

    I am in the fremantle area but can bring forks to where ever you may be !

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    Not sure if its doable with stiffer road bike springs, but I just used 4 or 6 big cable ties to compress the springs, you don't actually need to compress them much to get the caps off.


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      I have not seen a spring compressor being used on motorcycle forks. As I know it, it is semi dodgy putting your weight on it and turning the cap off all the while trying to aim the cap away from your face which doesn´t quite work but if you can compress one fork leg with your weight then there is not much spring tension on there anyways.

      If I understand correctly you most probably also need access to whatever special tool that holds the rod assembly against turning the bolt from the bottom or an impact gun if you dont have that. Usually the rod assembly starts turning and you can´t tighten it properly.


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        As above why do you need a spring compressor? I have never seen one needed for forks before.


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          Take the weight off the forks.
          Undo the 45mm cap on top.
          If you want to go deeper you will need a tool similar to this:

          You won't need any compressors.


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            Send me a pm you bring to me it will take minutes :-)


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              Just thought about the above post are they big piston forks if not as stated no compressor needed.


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                Be sure to back off the spring pre-load before you disassemble the forks.

                Makes re assembly far easier. (as well as being less likely to get shot in the face when you take the cap off)
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