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Kawasaki ninja 250 2009 lowering links

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  • Kawasaki ninja 250 2009 lowering links

    Hi was just wondering if anyone knows anything about getting them lowering links for this bike. And where you can get them cheap? I am looking at selling my ninja but only because it is too high for me if I can lower it I would love to keep it. Thanks in advance.

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    how tall are you?
    B19 Oakford V.B.F.S


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      5 foot 4 inches


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        um that isn't that short, you know you only need to have one foot on the ground don't you? Move the bike around when you are off it, learn to think before you park it anywahere.

        You could get your boots added to up to another 50-60mm at Reid's Bootmakers

        Do a search (if the bloody thing works) or short riders, bikes for short riders etc, there is a wealth of info.

        THere have been a few Ninja's with lowering links, someone had a set for sale last year.


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          who started that thread on lowering options a few months ago? went looking for it but couldn't find it.