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Caught out on AS1698 Helmet by bad info

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  • Caught out on AS1698 Helmet by bad info

    Recently got back into riding and bought myself a new bike. Did my homework on helmets, decided on the Shoei GT Air and saw that they were available for $200 cheaper on eBay. Figured this probably wouldn't comply with regulations so went to the internet to check it all out. Unfortunately I stumbled across an article by Guy Stanford that detailed laws in each state. Read that, said that it was impossible to comply, and as such you can't get fined in my state so go buy any reputable brand you want and she'll be right mate. Ordered the helmet on eBay for $599. Two days later, stumble across some other comment about helmets which led me back to the Road Corporations website which indicated there were now standards in place that had to be complied with. End result the helmet I've ordered is no good as far as compliance is concerned and unless I can track down a dubious sticker I may be out near on $600. I found out the problem was that the Guy Stanford article was correct at time of writing, but that it was written somewhere between 2009 and July 2012. The regs changed July 2012 and I didn't realise the article I had read, which incidently is still being posted as correct on motorcycle websites around the country, was already out of date. PM containing any helpful advice greatly appreciated.

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    Wear the helmet and move on with your life?


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      Man that sucks, I'll give you $50 for it just to help a brother out :p


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        Just wear it dude.

        The sticker won't make it any safer & in my 5 years of riding, I've never had mine checked.


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          I've only heard of a few occasions where someone has been fined. I wore a helmet without a sticker for close to three years and it was never checked once.

          It's $250 and 3 points if you DO get fined in WA. I'm not sure what the penalty is in Victoria.
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          Why be a cunt about it?


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            Pretty sure the fine is less than the price difference might as well just go for it. Don't get seen riding like a knob and 99% chance it will never be an issue. Not like it's a dodgy cheep home made job.
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              Link to amended rules?

              - - - Updated - - -

              Fwiw, just went for a ride last night in my (aus retail) $1300 Shoei X-12.... Which doesn't have an aus standards sticker.

              Only now just remembered.

              But like aluminum and aluminium, just because it's different in the states, doesnt make it any different to what we get here.
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                buy the cheapest helmet you can find with a sticker, very very very carefully peel it off using lots of steam from a kettle or something. stick it on.

                or just ride with it.

                or sell it to a racer, as you don't need the AS sticker at the track.


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                  I wouldn't bother trying to remove another sticker. Pretty sure they're still a security sticker made to disintegrate when peeled.


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                    One layer comes away easily...

                    The layer that remains spells out repetitions of 'void', which is also apparent on the removed sticker.
                    The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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                      Just use the helmet. shoei don't do different shells for different countries, so just deal with it if you get pulled over. I have not had my helmet checked in almost 8 years now - and I've had both AU and US helmets.
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                        The only time I've had a helmet checked was after an accident. As part of their investigations, the police photographed the helmet. Had the helmet not met standards and had that been likely to have contributed to the extent of any head injuries (luckily I didn't have any), then ICWA would have reduced compensation by the amount of that contribution.

                        If the helmet is a model that has met standards, even if not so certified itself, then I can't see how they could consider non-compliance a contributing factor.


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                          You HAVE to have a sticker mate, it holds the helmet together <3
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                            A family friend bought 2 x helmets off eBay for $50 each and they came direct from China with the aust. compliance stickers ;-)


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                              Have a great US bought helmet with no AS1698- (AGV matt blk stealth)

                              -illegal to use when riding on WA roads as is------

                              -Now this is the weird part,

                              It's OK to use under FIM rules as a race helmet..(I raced Karts for a couple of years and it comes up in supp. regs.)

                              So now I have a noisy,ill fitting,poorly made stickered helmet--that cost under 200 bucks' ( but meets Aus standards') go figure....
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