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Needed for servicing Street Triple R

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  • Needed for servicing Street Triple R

    My beloved is in search of a wiring diagram as he is replacing his fuel pump. If anyone can help, please PM.
    Thanks hugely

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    Forgot to mention - 2010 model


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      I have the manual for the Daytona 675 and the wiring should be the same except for location of a few bits that sit in the nose of the Daytona. What does he need to know? The fuel pump wiring is just a plug. Getting the actual pump out is a challenge and best done by cutting off one of the plastic tags that does nothing.


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        Thanks v much for the reply. Would it be ok for him to phone you to talk technical stuff?


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          sure will pm number


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            I've texted through a picture of the plugs - let me know if the colours aren't clear but....viewed with the plug so the press to release tag faces you and looking at where the wires go into the plug:

            -black plug - left wire black, right wire green
            - brown plug - left wire black, right wire purple

            Good luck.


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              Fabulous! Will let you know when he's back on the road again.
              BTW when our boys were little, we used to get all their protective gear for BMX at the shop. Excellent service there.