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helmets stolen from home

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  • helmets stolen from home

    they arent expensive but still a helmet is a helmet
    got stolen from my home

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    Originally posted by sirec View Post
    they arent expensive but still a helmet is a helmet
    got stolen from my home

    Nice story...
    Did you want something done about it or just letting PSB know what happens to you from day to day???


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      Can I have your bikes seeing as you have no helmets to ride them?


      Ps sorry for your loss...thieves are still lowlife scum no matter what the item stolen
      Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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        I hate thieves. I hope you have insurance, a low excess, and a plan to stop them from stealing from you next time.
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          Seen a group of aboriginals today outside of belmont forum as i was getting back on my bike, two aboriginal women walked from behind harvey normans with a brand new air con bragging. I knew they stole it because that was where they store them so i told the lady who was there but didnt see them take it.

          Good deed done for the day, harvey norman staff scattered all over the place in seconds
          - XolituDe (Rick)


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            Is this the "Stories Without Dragons" thread or something?

            Last week I purchased my lunch at Nando's. There was a cute girl but I didn't talk to her.

            Originally posted by Desmo
            Why be a cunt about it?


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              pineapple lumps are the bomb


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                the other day, while i was abseiling from an iceberg, three dwarves told me all about this magical anus balloon that (on a full moon) appears from behind the bankwest building and sprays magical fairy dust on everyone in langley park.


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                  My knee is itching.


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                    i want to go home now...


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                      welcome to psb dude . first post flamed by all and sundry . your helmet was not expensive enough and did not stink of sportsbike .


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                        fuckin helmets prolly left your place to find a more caring owner.....

                        did you all see the big light in the sky today...???????

                        I'm sure it wasn't there last night.......

                        I can type with two fungerz.......I just can't use the spacebar...........
                        " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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                          Or make sense.


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                            Spaced out
                            What You See

                            Isn't always what you get


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                              I did a poo today that looked like Jesus (kinda; if you squinted & tilted your head to a really weird angle).... Just sayin
                              To err is human.
                              To arr is pirate.

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