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  • Route ideas please

    Taking the misses out for a ride tomorrow and not sure where to go so any ideas would be much appreciated.
    Thinking 2.5-3 hours get a good pub lunch somewhere and same time for the ride home.
    Want to keep off the main roads as much as possible.

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    Quindanning Hotel

    Nice enough old pub, seems to only be there for people who make the trip out in their collectible cars or on the bikes, never turn up there without seeing another team out for a scratch.

    Google says 2 hours and a quarter Duncraig to Quindanning, but that'd be all main roads, I reckon straight east from where you are and turn south out beyond York, you'd be up toward the 3 hour mark. Exact roads, google could help you.


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      Quindanning Pub steak sandwiches are amazing, almost worth the trip for that alone.
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        +2 for Quindanning. [MENTION=10672]Rock[/MENTION] did a ride down there ages ago, about a 400km round trip and damn it was good.
        Originally posted by Desmo
        Why be a cunt about it?


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          Only thing is - I'm coming from the south, so I don't have the correct route to give your Mrs (that's more fun to read if you do it out loud).


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            See Route here.

            You put the c*nt in country run


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              I always thought you were a chick? No offence, name threw me off.

              Lancelin Beer garden is good.


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                P.S There is two roads into Quindanning from Pinjarra-Williams Rd

                Lower Hotham Valley and Quindanning Rd.

                Reccomend one on the way in and one on the way out.

                Both are awesome even though the Quandanning Rd one is single track after halfway.
                You put the c*nt in country run


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                  Just a quick question, have you pillioned with her much? Just asking cos if you are planning a long arse run and you haven't taken her out before, just don't.

                  Baby steps, pick something fairly close and see how she goes then go for a longer run next time. It's not fun getting a sore arse, cramping of the legs etc.

                  Start small like, Noble Falls, Toodyay, Bindoon, Mt Helena Tavern, Parkerville Pub, Mundaring Hotel, Mundaring Weir Hotel (still gravel on the road), Kalamunda Pub

                  Just saying


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                    2.5-3 hours = Albany?


                    wier hotel is always decent.
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                      All good stoneville took an over night trip with her down to busselton a few weeks back.
                      Thanks guys sounds like Quindanning will be the go.


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                        Where are you starting from Rosey?
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                            Do the triangle.
                            Return home.

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                              agree with Stoney its a long Quindanning on a 38C thanks
                              even if you leave early most pubs don't open til Noon.

                              try Toodyay or York.

                              this is handy;
                              use the "Find a route" tab in the top left hand corner by searching the town of destination...there are some decent routes.
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