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Photos, help anyone?

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  • Photos, help anyone?

    how do i add a photo of my new bike? it keeps coming up with this message:
    bike.JPG - Error: Not a supported image type (jpg, gif, png).

    ive tried making the image smaller ans changing the format to .jpg and still doesnt work

    help anyone?

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    Host the image on a site like Photobucket and link to here...


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      Bibra Lake? Where abouts :-) old side or new side :"o

      PS - PSB will not let you host pics anymore, you have to host externally. Put on photobucket or, upload pic and rightclick the picture once updloaded it will give you a URL to link here.
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      You got me in trouble...


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        I've seen what looks like a blue ZX636 on Colonial, might be that one.


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          Thanks guys for the replys managed to get a picture up!


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            Can anyone answer why Dropbox doesn't show as pics? If I post the link inside [img] tags it just shows a black X in a box, the only other way is post the link dirctly but that obviously just comes up as a link it doesn't embed the pic
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            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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            i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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