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Coloured Tyres - Anyone Interested??!

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  • Coloured Tyres - Anyone Interested??!

    Hey everyone!

    Just thought I'd drop a link to my newest "Fun" thing.;product...o_tree?comp=DTR

    Hit it and click "Motorcycle Tyres" at the top.

    Here is a short description:

    Basically, these are coloured tyres for your bike. They are not re-treads, but they don't make their own carcasses (See below quote). They are also ZR rated (240Km/hr). They adhere to UK standards, and have been fully tested.

    Here is a link to a page about how they are produced and how much they've been tested. - Take a look around, this one has a lot of info.

    From the site itself: "Utilizing the latest model carcasses from major manufacturers. Race tested, proven and manufactured in Europe for many years, now made in the USA in our advanced aircraft tire plant. Remanufactured side by side with our 225 MPH aircraft tires, our cycle tires go through the same high tech processes and inspections as our aircraft tires by FAA certified staff.

    German Laser Shearography testing of each of our remanufactured tires ensures a 100% quality product, just like our 225 MPH aircraft tires. 100% Rubber, not paint or coating."

    Who wants to give them a go with me? I'm talking to one of the sales guys and will find out shipping prices fairly soon. They have been proven on the race track by numerous people. With a ZR rating, they are just as safe as any tyre we get over here.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Reporting LIVE from Scotland!

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    Could they look any gayer? :shock:

    Methinks not. :roll:



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      Um.. what's with all the comparisons to aircraft tyres?

      How stupid. I mean, there's a little to making motorcycle tyres than just speed rating! So what kind of "proving" have they done on a racetrack? That you can ride a bike with them in a straight line? What kinda bike? What kinda testing? What exact tyres?

      I wouldn't waste my time, or risk my ass...


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        mmmm....they do sound that little bit dodgy Bman... :shock:


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          dude thats the hard way!!!

          i just painted my normal tyres.... (maybe thats what i can blame for my crash... hmmmm)

          nah that sounds dodgy... maybe if Michelin or Pirelli released coloured tyres it'd be ok


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            Ewwww no thanks..... u can keep them ......

            Hahahahaha just how stupid are they... :shock: :shock: :shock:
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              Hehehe they look like "froot-loops"

              If you like em Bman go for it I say!
              If you can... you MUST!


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                Yeah, bit to much "bling" for me, don't think they'll be that reliable either. For show or burnouts yeah but not for serious riding.


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                  Im with the majority on this one. Id think about it if a reputable motorbike tyre brand came out with them...but not till then

                  The only time I want to be sideways is when im doing a burnout


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                    they'd make your bike look like a fags chariot Nick :?:


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                      Pretty Tyres



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                        Re: Pretty Tyres

                        Jeez what a bunch of wooses..If you bothered to follow through and read a bit you would know that that they are retreads and were tested on a race track by MCN (UK) with an R1. Anything OK'd by the poms is OK with me.
                        Thanks Magenta Tiger!

                        I've just read through everyones comments... I think they look OK... Maybe not as good as I once did (Always good to have a second look, I say) My feeling was basically, eveyone distrusts them, but no-one wants to TRY. I figure, WTF? I'll go ahead and TRY them. If they fuck up, it's MY fault. If not, then maybe people will look at things differently. I always wanted to be a crash test dummy!! :?
                        Reporting LIVE from Scotland!


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                          I've just briefly read through the articles on them and they seem pretty confident on the quality of the tyres...including a positive feed back from "one" track test on one set of tyres by a single rider...hmmmm..
                          If I needed coloured tyres I'd definitely go for them, and that would be the only attracting point about them. And welldone to BMan for willing to try them out for us!!

                          Also they failed to mention how the original carcasses are tested before used in the pressing of the treads(unless i missed it somewhere). If they are 2nd hand carcasses that would mean the tyres had reached their end of life cycle...(rubber breaks down after so many heatcyles have been put through to them and i'm sure the original tyre manufacturers didn't design their carcasses to last that long...may be...
                          you can't beat 1000's of hours of testing and millions of $$$ put into R&D by big brands i i doubt they'll hold up in the performance dept.

                          also about meeting the ZR rating... it's not about meeting the required speed rating it's about how much they can exceed the required spec that makes the tyres good...your bike can go faster than 240 Bman...would you still trust those tyres past that point?

                          prove me wrong BMan!!!
                          :twisted: :twisted:


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                            just saw an ad in AMCN for the coloured tyres...
                            aus supplier