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18 inch rear wheel for gn250

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  • 18 inch rear wheel for gn250

    Hi all

    As the title suggests I am wanting to put an 18inch wheel on the rear of my gn to match the front purely for aesthetically reasons.(I want both wheels the same size)
    My question(s) is, can I just re-lace a front rim with the same amount of spokes ?

    and is there another donor bike that has an 18 inch rear that fits as is.?

    If you have either to sell or know the best place to get one please let me know

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    You will have limited tyre choices with an 18inch rim, a 17inch would be better...


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      Maybe a stupid question but can a front tyre go on the back? I don't see why not...
      In really don't like the big cruiser back wheel shape, don't mind bigger profile tyres.
      I saw some avons that I liked but I think they may cost more than my bike

      are all retro tyres for show only? Could anyone suggest a tyre that is similar in shape, I don't mind not having the retro tread pattern.


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        i was just doing research on this.. don't mean to hijack thread but if you do that, note the following
        1. Front tyre is front tyre only, rear tyre is rear tyre only. reason being front tyres are subject to braking forces and direction and rear tyre is more for acceleration and weight. They are constructed differently
        2. if you have to swap front to rear or vice versa, reverse the thread. This is because of how the tyre is constructed and joint and will explode or something along those lines if you do not reverse the tyres
        3. if u do swap front to rear and reverse the thread, it will not disperse water especially if it doesn't have a center groove to disperse water or the threads are directional for water dispersion.

        i'm actually in a pickle as the tyre i want is not available and people just use front sport tyres on the rear and flip the tyre. apparently this is normal and nobody's died from it...!!??


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          I think ideally it would be better putting 17" wheels at both ends...

          This would only be worth while if you could find 17" wheels that fit with little or no modification...

          If it was any hassle or big expensive...

          I feel it wouldn't be worth it...


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            Just tried sourcing 18" front and rear tyres, choices are very limited, especially if you want a matching pair.
            As *Rich says probably dropping the front to a 17" if for anything just easier access of tyres.
            The best things in life are free.
            The second best things...............are really expensive.