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  • 'think bike' window stickers

    OK So. Something like this may exist that I'm just not aware about / couldn't find googling so ignore me if so! I was thinking of printing up some 'Think Bike' style window stickers to give away as freebies with orders in a car-related business I'm setting up. It's a long way off for now though, but through talking to a few people I've bumped into on the road on bikes and being reminded by bike safety week coming up, a lot of people have said there doesn't seem to be any more constant bike safety campaigns at the mo.

    As I've already gone through the process of quotes etc, I thought it might be an idea to order them anyway and wondered if anyone would be interested at $1 a window sticker ( a bit smaller than a5 size) delivered to their door which is cost of production and postage give or take a few cents which would get chucked towards a forum charity or something if there's any left over at all.

    No idea if it's a silly idea or not, nothing in it for me either. Just thought that the think bike style campaigns in the UK are pretty effective for not only Cager awareness, but as a reminder to bikers that they're part of being safe on the roads too and it's a shame that the only time it seems to get brought up in WA is when there's a spat of crashes forcing a largely fine-imposed series of reminders via police bikes on the road..

    But yeah anyway, not an EOI as such - Just figured I'd chuck this here see if the general consensus is that it'd be something people think's worth doing / something people would want to chuck a buck at

    Or even better if anyone knew any schemes etc that do gave out similar stickers etc like they do in the UK!
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    You mean something like this?

    If it may save 1 life, then it's worth doing.
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      its a great idea mate and cudos to you for being proactive about it.

      ill definitely be keen to plaster these over my cage


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        if i'm following a car with a "think bike" sticker i turn around and go the other way, i definitely won't split past one or park near one, i thought it was a sticker used ironically because they're some of the worst.
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          got some "motorcycle aware driver"
          stickers offered to me at the Xmas ride last year
          didn't take them
          the pressure would drive me crazy
          Note: this may not be the universe where the above is relevant.


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            Here is the latest in cutting edge campaigns with a catchy slogan.


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              We thought about these once...


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                Originally posted by Rich... View Post
                We thought about these once...

                I would stick these everywhere.
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                  Originally posted by Rich... View Post
                  We thought about these once...

                  well doesn't have to be 'think bike' can be whatever the general consensus pleases


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                    Originally posted by Jaw View Post
                    well doesn't have to be 'think bike' can be whatever the general consensus pleases
                    You will likely find the general consensus on this forum would be along the lines of "think naked girls"
                    look where you want to go~


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                      i would remove the psb shit..
                      most everyone I speak to thats heard of psb think its full of fuckwits...
                      those who havent heard of it long on and form the same view


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                        A few years ago I ordered some Motorcycle Aware Driver stickers from MRA.. not sure if they still have them...

                        - - - Updated - - -

                        Here is a link, scroll down and there a few different ones
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                          Id be interested.. but most the cage drivers I know are not bike aware at all so would be a major no no
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                            Yes count me in. Happy to commit at least $100 to help get this off the ground.
                            If it's good to ya, it's good for ya!


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                              I can produce the stickers easily, we just need to come up with a design... We could probably run it through the PSB store as well.
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