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The Future of PSB - Changing of the Guard

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  • The Future of PSB - Changing of the Guard

    Dear most awesome people of PSB.

    For those of you that know me, long time no see, trust you are all well. For those of you that don’t know me, hi!, I’m the guy that created this place.

    It is no secret I’ve been a busy guy with interests outside of PSB (work, family, non-bike related interests) keeping me away from the forum for quite some time. I do feel this lack of attention is unfair on you as a user, and the staff/moderation team. I have to apologise for this. I have been feeling the guilt for quite some time however I have not been clear in my own mind on how best deal with this matter, until last week.

    I have to say, even without my attention, the forum continues to run effectively and this is entirely due to the Staff & Moderators, old and new, who continue the largely thankless task of running this place and dealing with any immediate issues that arise. The result of all of their efforts is greater than the sum of the individual parts and goes to show, really, I’m largely redundant.

    There is no hiding however that PSB has been in limbo, or I guess more a state of equilibrium, for quite some time without someone at the helm driving the improvements that are required to keep forums and communities growing and keeping up with the times. I think this is unfair on the community and needs to be fixed so it can return back to its previous path of constant evolution and improvements where we all strived to make PSB more entraining, enjoyable, and useful for all of you to enjoy for your bike related....and non bike related, fix (mmm boobies).

    Simply, as much as I have an enormous emotional attachment to PSB and allot of time and grief equity invested in it, it really is time the effective ownership of the forum gets transferred to someone new for my own peace of mind and for the betterment of the forum community as a whole.

    There are many ways the effective ‘ownership’ of a forum can be structured, but in considering the most effective way for the future PSB to be managed going forward, I have always thought the Benevolent Dictatorship to be the most effective. Having one person with ‘the power of veto’ helps the forum and staff avoid politics and bullshit that plagues so many associations and partnerships, something which is vital when you have a place run entirely by volunteers.

    It is also important that the Benevolent Dictator is passionate about bikes (obviously), is actively involved in the community, is well connected with key bike industry stakeholders, has a stable and consistent personality, and is someone that is respected by existing moderators and forum users. It is also vital that this someone understands PSB’s pre and post Perth Extreme African Violet Growers Association era which will forever be intrinsically embedded in PSB’s DNA.

    Not an easy pick when you consider all of these things.

    So, in considering the above, I am very happy to advise that today I transferred the majority ownership of PSB to BlackFZR (Tim) for nil consideration. Tim is all of those things I have listed above, and more, and is passionate about the community wellbeing and getting PSB back on a path of evolution.

    What can you do to help BlackFZR?

    Firstly, you can help by offering him help when he asks for it to assist with the improvements that are to come. But also you can help by paying money to support PSB. Becoming a PSB supporter helps give Tim the budget to spend on the fixes and improvements that will be needed going forward for the betterment of this forum. He is inheriting a Pty Ltd company that owns a forum that has never in its history distributed a cent, always reinvested in itself, and has very little revenue with fixed expenses to match. It is basically revenue natural which gives no room for improvement without your financial help. Please support PSB today so that it sends Tim a clear message that you want these improvements to happen and you want this very moment to be an inflection point for PSB’s future growth.

    If you support Tim as you have all supported me and the other Staff & Moderators for the past 12 years, PSB will continue to be most awesome place to hang, and most importantly...give you the opportunity to have an instant relationship with someone you bump into on a ride or in a bike bay.

    I still look forward to participating in PSB when I can so I can still feel part of this place, but this time doing so without the responsibility and guilt that comes with my lengthy absences and lack of attention.

    So, with that, thank you all for making PSB what it is, thank you for supporting me and providing me with great friendships over the years, many of which continued to be my close friends today.

    With much luv and respect to you all.

    Signing off


    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)

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    Thanks for the first 12 years Deej.

    I can't think of a better person to take on that Benevolent Dictator role than Tim. Good luck mate.
    Adventure before Dementia


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      The King is Dead! All hail the king!

      Never met you Deej, you were a man of myth for me and im sure many after. But id like to say thank you for creating this place, a home away from home for me. Ive met some real characters here, and its always been a go-to place for general bike related chin wag... Im looking forward to seeign the changes that Tims new leadership role will afford.

      heres to the next 12 years of PSB!


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        Good choice For new leader.


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          Originally posted by Deej View Post
          But also you can help by paying money to support PSB. Becoming a PSB supporter helps give Tim the budget to spend on the fixes and improvements that will be needed going forward for the betterment of this forum. Deej
          54140 members atm but how many even paid the 25/= PSB Supporter fee? IMHO going forward this should be a compulsory fee.

          Thanks for creating this forum Deej. Tim, all the best for the next 12 years.
          Best I can do to describe the issue is this.

          But now it's a bit more like this
          BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-R-R-r-r-r-r-r-, shift



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            Good on you Deej and YaY for Tim I plan on being here for some time and supporting where I can


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              Now that Deej isn't in charge, I can say what I really think of him!

              erm, he's a bit of a champ, good to his friends and a brilliant family man.
              Take that, jerk!

              And yes, Tim's head is so level you can use it to calibrate scientific instruments. Excellent choice, you have my full and unconditional support.
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                Boo but yay...

                Congrats Tim. If I can be of service just call out.

                I know you won't be that far away [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION] just minus the responsibility. Maybe you'll get to start enjoying riding again
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                  Much much thanks to both gents, and the psb crew.

                  I've thoroughly enjoyed my past year on psb, and looking forward to many more.
                  I've learnt a great deal about bikes and bike riding, amongst other things both through the forum and off the forum via psb members.

                  Couldn't have been the rider I am today without psb.
                  look where you want to go~


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                    I for one welcome our new insect overlords....
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                      The success of this site and how much it has helped so many is a real credit to you Deej, thank you. Good luck in your new role Tim.
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                        Well, [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION]
                        You built it and they came
                        It appears some of us won't go away
                        So I'm sure that says something
                        Note: this may not be the universe where the above is relevant.


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                          We had a Supreme Leader?

                          I thought this all worked by itself.

                          Just Jokes, I have met [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION] in fact I donated a laptop to help this site run.......... OK it doesn't run ON the laptop but it may have assisted in moderation (see what I did there).

                          Anyway good luck with 'whateva' you have planned in the future and PSB can count on continued support from me.

                          Where else can I crack my lame dad jokes and not get yelled at, certainly not at home.


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                            Sad to see you go Deej. I met you 11 years ago when the forum was at 300 members. It has been a great ride since then. You've bled for this place and your work will never be forgotten.
                            You put the c*nt in country run


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                              Good luck Tim.

                              If you ever need help with mostly sarcastic, sometimes offensive meme-based humor don't hesitate to ask.

                              Thanks Deej for setting up the site. I've met some awesome people and even ridden a motorcycle with a couple of them.