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The Future of PSB - Changing of the Guard

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    Deej, no need to feel any guilt look what you've started. I miss a lot of people from the old guard. Times change. If anyone can bring new life for a new (and the old) crowd it will be Tim. Good choice and thanks Tim for taking it on.
    Originally posted by Abuse this
    Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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      Thanks for popping back to take care of business Deej, if it's not your priority any more and you have other interests then all the best and hope you enjoy them 😊 something had to be done and you've stepped up and done it, don't lose any sleep over it.

      And welcome to our new overlords long may you reign [emoji38]
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        Originally posted by Shady7/8 View Post
        Maybe you'll get to start enjoying riding again
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        Originally posted by Phildo
        Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
        Originally posted by filbert
        i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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          Much respect to both Deej and Tim. Change is part of life and nothing stays the same forever.
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            Only viable choice there, Deej. Good work. Finally PSB is owned by someone who rides bikes


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              Haven't seen you since the last time I saw you [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION] but it's always been a pleasure. I wish you all the best in everything and look forward to our next chat at some random event. Thank you for my online home

              PSB and the folks I met when I first moved here from QLD early in 2008 was what/who made me feel at home when I was 5000klms from my kids and anyone I knew. Since then I've forged many great friendships, been on awesome rides and social events and was even involved with MAD, albeit for a short time in the grand scheme of things. It also paved the path for me to become heavily involved in the local State Road Racing Championship. Something I enjoyed immensely for 6 years. Have had to take a hiatus since the young fella was born, but I will be back

              I have been off the forum for a few weeks dealing with some ill health in the family, and tomorrow I have to fly home for a week to close that chapter out. But again........I'll be back and I'll get my supporter tag sorted as I hadn't even realized it had expired.

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                Thanks @Deej for making what must have been a difficult decision to let go of the baby, and for your efforts to this point, and congrats to @BlackFZR in your new role!
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                  The Future of PSB - Changing of the Guard

                  Originally posted by Davey View Post
                  Only viable choice there, Deej. Good work. Finally PSB is owned by someone who rides bikes
                  Ahh you see, that's the kicker.

                  One that has assumed supreme overlord must first hand over their keys of their two wheeled beasts. Second, all well weathered leather garments must be removed - slowly (giggity), and lastly, one must pile all this with any bitches gained from 'ill gotten wheelies'. This will all be burned with our secret flower in an ancient and largely non-pc ritual to the Moto Gods as an ultimate penance.

                  You.. You 'were' told about this right Tim?

                  Edit: thanks for everything Deej, and good luck Tim [emoji106]


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                    Well, PSB is no longer ( [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION] )'s growing up and as such the next chapter begins...good luck Deej and good luck Tim...we'll see where it goes from here...!
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                      Ah man........ it should have been Desmo and Maxo, 50/50 split.

                      Seriously, thank you for having enough vision to see that PSB needed to continue on....
                      Its all good on Ducati's


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                        Thanks for all of your efforts Deej, and best wishes to you.
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                          Onya Deej you are a good man.

                          1) Does Tim now get the Desmo? even vinny?

                          2) Now go do a wheelie with all your free time.

                          3) Did anyone bother to ask Donald Trump if he was interested in running the place? He will need something new to campaign for soon. Thats if he doesnt get killed by a mexican drug lord in the next week or so.
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                            From its humble beginnings a star was born, lets take on the Galaxy.

                            Thanks [MENTION=4904]Deej[/MENTION] and welcome [MENTION=6799]BlackFZR[/MENTION] to the helm
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                              Do we call Tim GOD now, or Is he Jesus??????
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                                He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!
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