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The Future of PSB - Changing of the Guard

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    Originally posted by BlackFZR View Post
    I tried with the other accounts all at different level's, seems to work fine. Have had a recent OS or browser app update on the phone?
    Not sure, I'm no techy - technology makes me have tiredz. Shall consult with the nerd powers Thanks for investigating.


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      Hmmm... just tried Chrome on my phone and all good...


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        Someone who has a bit of common sense and not biasedSomeone who is able to introduce a bit of decorum and instigate a non intimidating site where bike owners can use the site to access for sale pages, social rides etc would be great?
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          I don't mean to intrude but, are you answering a question that hasn't been asked, or asking your own?

          You are right that no one ever can be sure about the current situation of all memebers, however if you are ever in need, this site is full of more people who are willing to help in any way possible, than you could hope to find elsewhere.

          Sometimes even the most innocent comment can trigger response, crude humour is certainly not alone in its ability to incite a reaction.
          If you feel a comment is out of line, or personal, report the post and it will be seen and looked at.

          As for that person with common sense and lack of bias, our new overlord pretty much nails that.

          The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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            and yes from what I can see the new "overlord" is the man for the job
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              Originally posted by Kristy View Post
              o hai [MENTION=6799]BlackFZR[/MENTION], since the upgrade work done last week my phone won't load PSB - says it "couldn't establish a secure connection". All other websites OK. Nerd advice suggests it's likely due to certificate ishoos?
              Having the same issue on my Samsung tablet since last week. Other forums through tapatalk are working fine but PSB is borked. Can veiw through chrome but its unusable otherwise. Have done the usual logging out, restarting, reinstalling etc etc but no success yet
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                Geez... Leave the state for a little bit and it all goes haywire.....God retires and has made a great and awesome choice for the next God.....

                Thanks to Deej I have had the pleasure of this site since 2003 and it has been awesome.....Tim is a great and very capable choice to hand the mantle over to.......

                long live psb
                A site all parents should check regulary