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Ever thought about giving up riding? Come on in. *Real long*

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  • Ever thought about giving up riding? Come on in. *Real long*

    Hello my son's, my daughters, my friends, my family. Please excuse the typing as I've just taken down 3 Panadine Forte (my back's killing me)

    OK, here's the story guys.

    Since a few incidents over the past 3 months, I've been thinking about life, about riding and where and what could / can or already has happened.

    I seriously considered giving up bikes all together, I was ready to sell the SP-1 and give it up. I have so much to live for, I have some awesome mates and a fantastic girl that would be devistated if anything ever happened to me.

    1 Dec 2001, I was hit pretty hard by a female driver, knocked out cold and ended up in hospital. I was lucky, very lucky. Thing is I'm an ok rider, not the best but I can hold my own. I didn't even see this bitch come out, my body went limp and shut down. I was vunerable and there was no way out. So no matter how good I am on two wheels there was no way out. Fate had made its decision.

    So after everything thats happened I sat down and tried to figure out what life was all about. Was it time to give it all up?

    This has played my mind for months! Finally I've made a decision.

    I've been on two wheels for 7 years, had two accidents that should've put me in the grave but they didn't. Bikes are in my blood, it runs rich through my veins. Everything in my life evolves around bikes. All of you, I consider all of you my mates and we all have a connection in what we do.

    But could you imagine what we'd be like if we gave it all up? I think "hormonal" has nothing on being without a bike!

    So it's time to chill a bit, relax, concentrate and think. Slow down and think before you pop that wheel up or hit that throttle and knock up 200+.

    As Calvin has always said "wrist to brain co-ordination" Stay alive.

    There's no way in hell that I could give up riding, it's my life but there's things you can do to reduce the odds. Take the car out, watch your line, just cruise instead of flog it everywhere.

    Guys I was really close to selling up and giving up, it aint worth it, this is what we do and we do it well (well most of us anyway)

    Stay on two wheels, ride safe and stay upright.

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    I agree with ya Campo.

    Live to ride, ride to live
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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      I third the notion. We ride because we love to, we ride with a group because we enjoy it. Life is unpredictable, And fate is a fickle son of a bitch. Ride because it is what you do, Ride safe for the ones that love and cherish you( geeeez talk about hormonal )


      ( can't think of any thing funny for here )
      I Love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they makes as they fly by......


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        To think you would give up riding :!: Are you stoned :?:


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          To think you would give up riding :!:  Are you stoned :?:

          hehehe sorry, must've been something in the water here


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            Excellent thoughts Campo!!!!
            When I first got my bike and logged onto this site I saw the pictures and videos of the stunts,wheelies etc and got hell excited and couldn't wait to get into it.
            However after thouroughly reading through the forums and seeing and reading all the crashes,close misses and brushes with the law I have re-evaluted my position and have decided to take it easy and become experienced and enjoy my riding instead of gunning it everywhere.
            The posts and advice of some of the experienced regulars on this site have been of immense value to myself personally.
            Thanks to Calvin,Campo and Deej for their wisdom


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              Nice post Campo...

              However, I refuse to tiptoe through life to arrive safely at my grave an old man.
              If you can... you MUST!


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                i agree with you campo. after my stack i tried to sell my bike (not very hard though ) but soon realised how much i loved it. nowadays i just take it easy on the roads (as per the last country run i did) and save the quick stuff for the right times


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                  *thumps chest*

                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    yea..i thought about giving up too...bikes are just not fast enough..


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                      Bikes are an addiction. Unfortunately there is no Quit line for us to call, heck I don't care =) But the danger is in direct correlation to the rush we get so hey its a ctach 22 situation. But minimising the risk Is all that we can and do do. When its your time its your time, sorta a la final destination.
                      Will you insure me?!


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                        I'll add a flip side view here as I recently sold off my 748, a bike I had worked years towards owning and was very much a love of mine.

                        Similar background to Campo, ridden for years and had also had a few close calls. Big difference (AFAIK) was kids, I've got three lads all under 12 that I want to see grow up. The close calls were too close and weren't always in my control.

                        Money, although always useful, was not an issue and the wife was supportive either way, she has never once asked me to get rid of the bike. Time was, time with the bike was time away from the family.

                        At the end of the day I've decided on an extended break rather than completely giving up and in all honesty do not regret the decision one bit. Sure the sound of a v-twin still stirs the soul and I can pick the shriek of a four potter from miles away but for some strange reason I don't miss it, even with the blade, ducati and honda xr that drive past the front of my door regularly. Ironically the 748 sold the same day that Batesy died, horribly vindicating my decision and is probably why riding is not missed as much.

                        The interest is still there (I am responding to a message on a riders forum after all) and I do hope to be back on two wheels one day, but who knows when. In the mean time it is amazing how quick the free time has been used, I'm now enjoying life with the lads more and more and couldn't be happier.

                        One last point, much like a reformed smoker, I am now noticing the hooligan element more and more in riders. I was always a bit of a hoon myself, but there is a time and a place and unfortunately a lot of our fellow bikers can't recognise either. Take it easy out there and know your limits.




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                          Well said RooDog, good to see ya again mate.


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                            To think you would give up riding :!:  Are you stoned :?:
                            Yeah what he said!! I know, I know Camps and I understand completly. I could not imagine my life without my bike as I get so much pleasure from it. Maybe someday I may have a 'moment of clarity' as others and roo dog have had but until that day I would have to say that i will never be without my bike as I get so much pleasure from it.......sorry Baby :?
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                              yea..i thought about giving up too...bikes are just not fast enough..
                              :shock: Just got to learn how to twist that thottle - Doohan :idea: