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you couldn't make it up if you tried LMFAO

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  • you couldn't make it up if you tried LMFAO

    "The driver of the police car activated lights and sirens, indicated, and after checking for traffic moved into the right hand lane," she said.*
    "At this time a black Kawasaki motorcycle has approached the rear of the police car at speed, braked heavily and clipped the rear-right side of the vehicle"

    So the cops pulled out slowly into the path of the bike and now they're thinking of prosecuting the biker .......
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    Wrote elsewhere

    Police will pull out infront of a person of interest to stop them doesn't write as good.
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      So MC 1 is speeding, no lights.

      Coppers light up and change lanes only to collect MC 2.

      We can assume MC 2 was speeding if coppers are starting to pursue MC 1?

      So I am fanging along the freeway, maybe behind me mate, coppers light up and change lanes. I am not in any way ready or notice this and hit them?
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        The cops did everything right as per usual. Riiigghht!
        "It moved"


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          Originally posted by SIR sparks a lot
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