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  • Prestige Honda.

    Well it's about time I gave a good plug regards Prestige Honda 8)

    As some may or may not know they are sponsoring me in this years Supersport / Superstock, and have been looking after me very well.
    I have sent a number of people down to see them and they have been very happy with there service and pricing 8)

    Don't be shy, give them a visit and check them out;
    Regards Parts see Jason Stacey
    Regards Sales see Geoff Grant or Dave Ozzane

    As like Causeway, they will go out of there way to help you, and what they don't have they will get it in for you.

    176 Leach Highway Melville.
    Ph 08 9317 5773
    E-mail [email protected]
    E-mail [email protected]

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    Nice plug mate, yeah I gotta back this one up to. I've known Dave Ozanne for a while and he really does look after you. He's a real down to earth kinda guy and won't bullshit ya. So if you're to far south of the river to go see Chookie at Cauesway or the boys at Northside, drop in and say hi to Dave, Jason and the lads there. make sure Dave makes you a cuppa!!


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      That's right Campo, make the bastard work!!


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        Just in case there are some CBR600RR fans, here is the new paint work for the 2004 models.

        Note the matt black finish - bottom belly pan and rear cowling.

        New in blue :? don't know about that one.

        This is my favorite, This is how Prestige is painting up my panels, should look great 8)

        Oh by the way both the red and the blue are at Prestige for viewing and test ride


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          I LOVE that black silver, that looks the shit mmmmmm

          *adjust's boxer shorts for enlarged member*

          Oh baby ......
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          Albany Hwy, Vic Park, Ph: 9470-1234 ...

          Kim Britton Kawasaki: 91 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Ph: 9592-1113 ...


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            Prestige Honda

            I have to give Prestige Honda a big thumbs up as well. I live in the area and though I have not bought a bike from them, I have passed quite a bit of cash over their accessory counter.

            The best prices in town and great service. They don't have a huge amount of stock on the floor but will get in anything you require. Jason and Daniel who run the accessory/parts section are good blokes to know. I won't shop anywhere else for my bike gear.

            Great service, highly recommended!

            KENNARDS HIRE - Make Your Job EASY!


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              yes they do look after you with all your problems and they give you great deals on all your stuff ,from parts to stickers
              and they are great blokes 8) keep up the good work


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                Love the Black/Silver! That is a great looking bike 8)


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                  i'll admit that their accessories guys are good (hepled me out with some bolts just before christmas), but their actual bike sales department wasn't (in my opinion) up to scratch. i live just around the corner, but would rather go to vic park to get gear because i've been looked after in the past.

                  a couple of years ago i was keen on buying a sp-1 and could barely get service out of them. it wasn't until the fourth time that i went in to the shop that i even spoke to someone there. and they wouldn't give me a test they are still in business, they have obviously lifted their game and i have heard of a few people with good stories about them. also, the fact that they are helping out locals with racing can't be bad either. i spose its just a shame that i can hold a grudge for so long


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                    sex on wheels