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Cannot get rid of brake drag

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    I had a similar problem with my car. Turned out to be torn dust seal allowing dirt to get into the piston bore. I rebuilt the caliper with new seals and scotch bright the piston to clean it and problem solved.

    Could be any number of problems though as mentioned on here.
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      All good, it's a pretty obscure mechanism.

      If the seal pulled the piston all the way back I think I would have to buy a brown seat.


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        I believe there is a slight sucking action on the piston to make it slide in.....
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          .....if you have more than 1 piston in a caliper...shit changes multiple seals resisting piston return at all times.

          pads will usually be "in contact" with the rotors....self adjusting for wear on the pad. Use silicon dab on rear of pad to hold 'em against the caliper piston.....make certain the pad will move freely in the caliper.

          If all the systems have been checked as ok..some contact will be normal....I use water to flush my brake bits,in fact, I clean and test 'em in the kitchen sink...under water to see if they bleed ok before refit.

          A master cyl is simply a pump to move brake fluid to the calipers....add linked shit with abs..some changes occur.
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            Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
            I believe there is a slight sucking action on the piston to make it slide in.....
            Ah I see what you mean

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            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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              All of what SuziInThe Garage said.
              Build up of shit on the pistons or rust.
              Pull them out. Clean them out and through some seals at it.

              Check your master cylinder for crap.
              Make sure the piston in that is free.
              Years of unchanged fluid can build up behind it.
              It may work with the pedal but doesn’t like to return.


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                Thanks for the advice guys. Quick update on the bike - brake is still dragging. Not as bad as before (getting 3-4 turns with a hearty spin when cold) but still too hot to touch the rotor after a short ride around the block. Things I've looked/done at since last time:

                -new master cylinder kit and new caliper piston/dust seals, both genuine, everything is squeaky clean especially master cylinder vent port
                -flushed through different brands of dot4 brake fluids on all three brake circuits and cycled the ABS between flushes
                -slightly enlarged the brake pad mounting tabs in case they were binding on the sliding pin (they weren't)
                -verified sliding pins and pad mounting pin are immaculate and correctly lubed with no torn boots
                -verified pistons are immaculate
                -smeared back of pads with copper grease so they stick to the pistons
                -checked alignment of front end and brake rotor
                -checked against parts diagrams for correct assembly of preload spring etc

                Not really sure what's going on here tbh
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                  Do you have shorty levers installed?
                  They have been a culprit in the past.

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                    WHS I would be checking the pivot for a build up of dried grease.....had one on the Busa a few years ago that was a pig to get out due said build up. Also what about the clevis pin on the piston end...where the lever pushes against
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                      I thought it was a 4 piston caliper but looking at the parts diagram it appears not to be. If those slide pins get corroded it the caliper will stick. Usually shows up as the pads on one side wearing faster than the other.



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                          I had the same problem with my GS500 and my R1. In both cases the cause were non-genuine brake levers.