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To the black er6 in mount lawley/highgate area

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  • To the black er6 in mount lawley/highgate area

    Anybody know him? Seen him appear in the last month or so.
    Bike: black er6 with gold stickers and a loud pipe
    Rider: young guy in open face helmet, black fashion clothes, doc martins, and motovloggers sena

    Please for the love of bambi get rid of that obnoxious muffler and stop riding like a fuckwit
    Not sure if you're trying to wheelie but constantly yanking that throttle like it owes you money is going to trash your bike
    You could sell that fancy sena and buy, y'know, basic protective riding gear? Looks like you will be needing it sooner rather than later

    Kind regards,
    -Literally everybody that has heard a P twin revving before
    Originally posted by devolved
    I just crashed into a schoolbus full of kiddies, killed them all, raped them, set them on fire and now I'm pissing on their charred remains.

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    “How people treat you is their karma; how you respond is yours.”


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        Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep an eye out when I'm not looking out for R6's narrowly missing being run over by cars that don't stop through the intersection of Newcastle and Palmerstone with only a foot in it. Shocking incident that...very scary. very lucky.
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          damn i ride like a fuckstick everywhere to try and get into the spotto thread to no avail but it seems like this guy only just starts riding and boom. own thread.
          Originally posted by Paraletic
          little end bearing. best describes as the sound of 'A little black man with a hammer in your engine'. big end sounds like a bigger black man...


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            i didnt know there was any other way to ride... fuckstick riding = motorcyclist ex guys on BMW's or ducatis they are usually the essence of sensible riding & they dont mind telling you at the lights how much of a fuckstick you have been