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Back in Sydney, but not for long!!!

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  • Back in Sydney, but not for long!!!

    Hey all. As most would now know, I was back in Perth. Had a family emergency so I do appologise for not catching up with peeps.

    Was great to see everyone on the movie night though.

    Anyhow, I received a signal the day before I came home and it looks like the Navy has admitted they screwed up so they're sending me home. Feb 16th I've been told. Looks like we'll be getting some riding in before the rains come.

    hehehe I'm coming home guys!!!! For good this time!

    This means more BBQ's if ya game!!!

    See ya soon guys!

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    Re: Back in Sydney, but not for long!!!

    This means more BBQ's if ya game!!!    
    I'm game..... Looking forward to it .....

    Have a great holiday in Sydney now you got your babe with ya,

    Hurry home Vinnie is missing you.......Never been thrashed like that before eh Deej ???


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      nice 1 bra
      what did i tell ya, good to see ya stuck to your guns campo, and its all come good now
      i hope you and your girlie have fun in sydney, see ya when you get home :!:


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        OH NO !!!! Campo coming back for good !!!!!!!!

        Damn it cant the airforce or army take him if the navy dont want him anymore ????


        See ya back in W.A soon Man BBQ'S all round..........
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