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Back to training for R class!

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  • Back to training for R class!


    its that time of the year where legality fits in 8)

    Getting some more lessons and getting some of those bad habits itched out of me by instructor.

    Looks at bike looks at me and says " Son thats not a 250 have u been riding this all along?" I looked at him sweet and innocent like and replied "No of course not!" hahaha

    Hope all goes well because i know they LICENSING are booked out if i screw up another wait

    Something also just hit me.

    How lazy I am. I have been the 40th person to join this forum IE AT its inception However still haven't bothered to get CERTIFIED!

    Even though I know Nick7R and raced him too. And steal/borrow DEEJs apache IN DESERT COMBAT online!

    Ohh well. Watch out I have been tame on my bike without ahem credentials ahem but u will hear me coming before u see me.

    My bikes got one of those cooool sports exhaust. That also means cops and doughnuts start shaking when i am heard.

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    you lazy lazy man

    country runs every weekend are pretty coool I hear, good luck with the test.
    1, Always look good
    2, Always know what you're doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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      yep I am lazy and proud of it only in Australia 8)