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Glock or H&K ???

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  • Glock or H&K ???

    Hows this bullshit??!!!!

    I went to go the the theatre with a mate here ...last minute we decided bugger it & stayed home drink beer & watched a flick on sat TV, go to flicks another night.

    get a phone call from a mate that tells me that the Health inspector turned up for a visit at the theatre ....went to go in with a lit smoke into the Foyer ?????? WTF right !!!.....

    the manager says no entry and slaps him one...

    The inspector pulls a knife....

    The manger pulls a nine & sends him to God to sort out.

    He still has his job.
    I dun think i will go again.

    this place is like that ...if you want stats ...I can give you some that will scare the shit outta does me some times.

    I spoke to work & work says yup you can get your concealed firearm licence....they said months ago we can ..that just pushed me to say ok get the paper work involved..( this is a huge debate for me ..believe me ...PLEASE no preaching on this subject thanks )..

    My question is for those in the know

    Preference on Glock or H&K.

    I am gonna go to miami to a pistol range to have a feel for both & a few others but opinions count.
    have been biased for glock...

    this is in no way a bike related subject but is in the YADA YADA section so what?

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    Yo mate where the hell do you live !!!!!
    My american mate did, loves it, lives on the beach down south and surfs all day long.

    Seriously dude thats fucked up


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      there really is no choice !! it has to be the H&K , go the USP Compact , a fantastic gun , extremely reliable, easily concealed ! the glock on the other hand is poorly designed, mass produced shit ! the angles between the barrel and the pistol grip have the gun naturally pointing high, now i ask you would you rather have the first round you fire go over a guys head or hit him in the stomach(this is for a poorly aimed instinctive shot!)!
      the only reason law enforcement use the glock is because it doesn't have a safety and coppers will forget to take a safety off in a crisis situation so they figure their better off without one !! :shock: go figure !
      buy the USP and you'll be happy!


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        All depends on how much training you intend to do.

        If you just wana buy a gat, and wip it out and cap some fucker if the need ever arose, you might have to buy the Glock. Other than skinning that smoke wagon, pointing at the bad guy and pulling the trigger there is nothing more you need to do to make it go bang. It has no safeties that need to be touched in order for this to happen. Its this very reason that law enforcement agencies worldwide (including Perth copas) use the Glock. Its not that it’s a great gun (a piece of overrated Tupperware that shoots high if you ask me) its just that for a group of people who spend little time training to shoot them, there is not much to think about in a moment of stress to make it go bang. Disadvantages are if someone were to get the pistol off you, it could be used against you very easily without any thought or training.

        If you were to get a Glock, depending on calibres, I would perhaps go the Glock 19 (sub compact 9mm) 15+1 rounds of 9mm. The 17 is too big (17+1). Glock also have a baby version but having spent a bit of time shooting one I found it a bit bulky in width and fiddly because not all your fingers fit on the grip.

        Re the H&K, if you want a gun that will function property every time you pull the trigger, the Hechler & Koch is a very nice pistol. Their premium pistol is called the USP but is a bit big to carry concealed. It is a fairly bulky pistol and its working parts are clunky but for a reason - It has very high tolerance to different brands of ammunition and conditions so it is primarily used by military personal (Ausi SAS for instance). Main reason is that its trigger guard is designed for a gloved hand and it has an accessory rail for attaching SureFires (torches). They now make a USP compact that is very sweet and much easier to conceal. To put the USP into action every time you skin it you will have to activate an external safety before it will go bang. If you do some training and shoot often this is not an issue because it will be an automatic process you wont even have to think about with muscle memory. You can also configure your USP so that the hammer is down with a live round in the chamber and the safety is on. In order to kick it into action you would need to draw, thumb the safety and then double action the first shot (double action meaning pull the trigger through its full travel which will action the hammer back for you and then fire). This will be on the first shot only. Each subsequent shot would be single action (IE hammer will already be back so you will have a shorter trigger pull).

        Personally, I would never carry a firearm that did not have an external safety.

        The other two options is the Sig Sauer (hard to get in Aus but easy in North/South America). They make a very nice pistol that has external safety but its best feature is that the width of the slide and frame is very thin so it makes a great concealed gun.

        And naturally, the Beretta is a fantastic pistol. Their 92FS would be my personal choice. Its their full size pistol 15+1 (if 9mm) but it will go bang very single time you pull that trigger no questions asked. If you do get a Beretta, make sure you get the Fabreque De Armi Pietro Beretta (made in the original Italian Factory). There are a few USA versions around that are made under licence for the US Military and they are just plain crap. If you want something more compact and lighter for every day carry, their 9000S which is their polymer pistol with all the external safety features (with de-cocker) is an awesome bit of kit.

        All of the above pistols have a choice of calibres (model numbers will change) and you should consider this carefully. Again, my recommendation would be that it depends on how much training you plan to do with it. If you don’t plan to do any, then I would get a 40 calibre .40S&W. It’s a 10mm projectile that weighs 60% more than a 9mm projectile. Reason being it will do a bit more damage if you don’t hit someone in a kill zone. Downside will be a firearm made for 40S&W will carry less rounds. If you get a Hydrashock round made by Federal Ammunition it will go along way at helping stop the bad guy in his tracks or at least ruining his day if you hit him in a crap spot.

        If you plan to so some training, then go the 9mm Parabellum. Parabellum is a German word meaning “Made for War”. Any round that means this must be good! The 9mm will do just as much damage if you hit them where you should and is generally a more reliable round because it has a slightly tapered case and therefore usually feeds cleaner than other rounds.

        Hope this is some help.


        So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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          ...see's Tex's message.

          These messages have been brought to you by Team Adrenalin.

          (a word from our sponsors)

          Lead poisoning our specialty!

          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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            a bit of pistol shotting is something ive allways been interesded in, my only gun experince was on friends farm: a .22, a d/b shottie, and a way old thing where you slide the bullets down a chamber under the barrell, then crank this lever - way cowboy style.

            Deej - can i just rockup to a rifle range and pop off some rounds with their club guns (if they have any) or do i need to get a licsence yada yada.......



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              Definitely wot Tex and Deej said...

              Not only does it feel horrible IMO, I have a friend that put one in himself pulling his glock, in an urgent situation. He now refuses to use the glock.
              If you can... you MUST!


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                geez Deej , you did some typing on that subject'd think you knew what you were talking about , i just made up the shit i wrote :shock:
                just buy the H&K


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                  all i wanna know is - what kind of freakin turtles do YOU train?? :shock: :shock:


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                    mutant assasin ninja turtles!


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                      so would you like to be known as Deej, or Splinter??


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                        I wouldn't discount a revolver either. There are plenty double action, concealed hammer, revolvers that are perfect for the one time use, if you don't intend to "shoot for fun" as well.

                        Both Tex and Deej are right from my more limited experience. The glock is a great out of the box gun, the USP I can't comment, and the Beretta an awsome bit of kit, that requires a little more firearms training. I've shot a beretta that's had 60 000 rounds through it and it shot smooth and accurate.

                        Plus with the Beretta you get to look like you're bruce willis, and that's important.

                        I personally wouldn't buy the Glock for competitive shooting, but as far as law enforcement, or personal protection is concerned, you buy it, you strap it on, and it will fire first time. That will be the important one.

                        Don't get a sigma, the poor cousin of the glock made by S&W.

                        Do consider a slim-line revolver. No stopage drills, no safetys, point and click.


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                          all i wanna know is - what kind of freakin turtles do YOU train?? :shock:  :shock:  

                          Stuborn ones


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                            I don't know fuck all bout hand guns but if u want to know somethin bout scatter guns or HP's i can help you out....... got plenty of kills up in those departments :evil: :evil: :evil:


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                              *note to self* Do NOT cut off Tex or Deej on their bikes!
                              I might just say that if you are to get a gun, it might be a good idea to spend some time at a shooting range. Not only is it good fun, but I'm sure it'll help for you to learn more and become a better protector of one self
                              Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.