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Canberra drivers are shocking!

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  • Canberra drivers are shocking!

    Hey everyone! If anyoe thought Perth drivers are bad...come across to Canberra and take a drive along ANY street. Ive been riding here for 5 days and have nearly been knocked down 8 times. Now...before anyone gets the idea that i ride like a madman every second of the day --->I dont.

    The cage drivers over here are soooo ignorant of anyone else on the road (especially bikes). Ive been cut in front of, cars have almost merged into me or changed lanes without looking and just about whacked me. Although this doesnt sound any different from Perth...its just that it happens every two seconds over here!!

    Be careful out there peoples!!
    Peace out

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    I toured the eastern states Dec-Jan, and I have to agree with you. NSW drivers were the best I saw (better than Perth), ACT was shocking, Melb had a mix of both, SA are just rev-heads.

    My god, the number of bikes right in the centre of Melbourne!! Some corners had 40 bikes on them, every corner had at least one! It'd be great if Perth was the same, probably not going to happen though.


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      just hardwire your horn on


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        strange there aren't more riders in Perth. We have such great weather and we've got the coast on one side, hills on the other..

        whats goin on


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          Even though there are less riders over here, certain roads one might find are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a road called Brindabella Rd and it is THE windiest road I have ever been on. Its like whoever made that road had sprortsbikes in mind! You know the pictures in mags like 2 Wheels where they show a rider going around a mountainous bend with an awesome hairpin and a sweeping left hander ALL IN THE SAME PHOTO??!! Thats what Brindabella Rd is like! Mountain on one side...ravine on the other (dont come off!)


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            canberra roads

            you should try to back road to tuggeranong, not the parkway, but there's a back road coming out of the back of Chapman, heading towards tuggeranong, it's awesome!