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CBR900RR Tire Recommendations?

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  • CBR900RR Tire Recommendations?

    Hi guys,

    The time is well and truely here where I need some new rubber. Im currently running Pirelli MTR22. Im not looking for the softest race rubber, but diffidently something more on the performance side of the scale. Any recommendations appreciated.


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    ok , if you ask me the pirrelli corsas would do fine on a blade , i had them on my older blade (97model) and they were great , i also ran the pilot sports and they were also pretty good , just remember that even though you don't want the softest of tyres , stay away from cheap hard crap , it's alot cheaper to replace tyres more often cause they wear out , rather than replace fairing cause your shit tyres didn't perform when you needed em to


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      Good point about cheap tires. I was using the original tires that came with my blade. I think they were the pilot sports.
      The problem being that they wear out pretty fast. For my rears i was just managing to get 8000km and for the front i managed 17000km. I am now using the sports tourers from Mitchelin.
      For someone that commutes to work and home everday i would say it would be okay to get some sports tours. They last longer and i know they do not grip as much, especially in the rain( just got to take it easy).
      To be honest i haven't noticed that much of a difference between the sports tires and the sports tourers in the dry weather. In the rain all the truth comes out.

      Well that's my 0.5c worth



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        Tyres Wot Tyres



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          Thanks for the advice guys. I decided to try out the Pirelli Corsas, only to find out they are out of stock for a week and a half. As I am onto canvas in some places, and not riding, I settled for a Metzler Sportec, which I have read to also be very good, and similar to the Corsas.

          Oh, and I made sure they were black round too

          Thanks again


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            no wonder you didn't come for a ride on saturday.

            was good fun by the way.. no mazdas running me down

            'jumpin jezza' all set for this sat?


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              yeah, should be right for this saturday. Be looking to really test out the new rubber.