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Rainbow Iridium Visor Bulk Order - Interested?

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  • Rainbow Iridium Visor Bulk Order - Interested?

    Hey lads, found this site through a mate of mine back in the UK who sell wikkud looking rainbow coated iridium shoei visors and am knocking together a bulk order. 5-9 visors 12% discount 10 + visors 15% discount is the deal I've cut with them.

    Damo and I are looking at buying one or maybe two each. Anyone else interested? Below is a link to the Shoei section but any covered manufacturer will count towards the order.

    Let me know what ya think.


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    I have 3 thanks 8)


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      those are some motherfsken expensive visors..

      Are you actually getting them from the UK, or is that just an example?

      Coz even with a 15% discount, I don't think the visor + shipping, Gst, and import duty would be any cheaper than sourcing them here..

      I got iridium for my shoei for $90 locally, the equivalent there is $114 - 15% = $96...... without any additional costs..