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    [Rant] Driving home up freeway get slowed up by a fender bender(3 Cars) and stuck behing Jackaroo 4wd driven by a fucking moron of a bitch who thought she was the only car on the road, Anyway.....Noticed this blonde cunt was hugging the right line until bikes were coming and then she would run over the cats eyes causing said bikes to brake hard and weave around her. This went on for about 10 to 12 bikes until a Club Dero's biker on his hog came thumping down the middle, and this arsehole does if again, needles to say she now needs new glass and panels down the left side of vehicle,[/rant]

    :shock: :shock:
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    that'll learn her, I fuckin hate ppl that sit in the right lane while driving under the speed limit and not looking in there rvmirror :x
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    2, Always know what you're doing
    3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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      HAHA.. damn right!
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        hahahahha damn ! she deserve it!!! hahahaha yeah i dont like those ppl rude that they just sit on the right lane going UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT!! :evil:
        Gankaz DaOgre



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          Bit of a weird Subject for this topic hey ????

          But yeah stupid female cage drivers, (not all of them) .....
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            stupid female cage drivers, [b](not all of them)[/b]

            What's up Maarken did you realise they were fighting words :?:


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              Id have to agree with you all on the subject. Im the WORSE for road rage.. I hate people driving in the right hand lane slower especially since I live in Yangebup and drive to Subiaco everyday.. I give myself 25mins to get to work and that's with the accelerator to the floor and some moron is always in the right hand lane Sunday driving. So I make a nice yelling gesture to them (cos you know they know what your saying to the haha) then zooooooooom round them in the left hand lane and brake check them. Hmmm And people say I have bad road rage.. NAH :twisted: :twisted: