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Arista - Bike insurance. Anyone heard of them?

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  • Arista - Bike insurance. Anyone heard of them?

    I'm currently trying to get bike insurance.

    A mate mentioned "Arista". They're $210 cheaper (at $440) than the next lowest quote.

    But has anyone heard any good/bad reports about them?

    I can't find anything on them on the net.

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    Yes, i've heard of them. But havent heard what they are like when you make a claim. You must have had your full license for more than 12 months to get insurance with them, and you must be over 25.
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      Here's their web site...

      I dunno how good they when (if) it comes to payouts.. I believe they're based over east.
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        Never heard of them, but then again I've only ever heard of SGIO, Alianz and Swan =)
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          Thanks for the info and the web-address.

          Tossing up between them and Arista and Swann. (have heard good reports about Swann)

          In case anyone's interested:

          Results of todays ring-around: For a '99 TRX850 for $6500 (I'm 26)

          Minor problem: I lost licence for 3 months in 2000/2001. They frown on that a bit.

          W-QBE: $655

          Swann: $479

          Arista: $442

          Shannons: Refused. Only want weekend "Enthusiasts". (If you ride everyday your not motorbike enthusiast?) :?

          RAC: $1300 (The girl on the phone actually cracked up laughing when the price came on her screen.)

          SGIO: $1307


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            Yeah I'm 20, for a 95 cbr 6 which is worth around $6k, got one from SGIO which was like, $2,400 .. or was it 2,7.. either way, rediculous. No loss of licence or anything when I enquired about that.
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              From whom have you heard good things about Swann?

              PM me if you are interested and i'll tell you all about my *current* claim with them!
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                Does any1 have the phone number for Arista??? i've tried looking Online and cant find it... any1.. any1?????


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                  CANCEL THAT!!! got it... cheers


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                    when u speak to any unknown insurance company ask them who underwrites them. even rac is underwriteen by somebody else(ie they are insured)

                    there are a few companies over east that just do m/c insurance you just have to do the ring around :roll:
                    A site all parents should check regulary