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Parking in our lovely city

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  • Parking in our lovely city

    Greets all,

    Just curious if you guys know where we can park our bikes in the city? As far as I can tell there are 1 or 2 spots in random streets but no designated bike parking. Kinda shits me because you have to ride all over perth to find out that all the spots are taken. Generally I just go and get a paid parking spot at the library or the train station parking. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I think that is the same problem everyone has. I know there is parking across the road from miss mauds, towards east perth on murray st. There is parking on Murray street near Queens parking place.
    But there is another parking area which is near myers. well next to myers on wellington street. During the week i see all these bikes parked there but i am not sure if they have a permit or what. i just don't have the guts to park there. its like an open block of land and i am not sure how these guys get there. if they climb the side walk by the lights or if there is a back road. I am yet to find out.
    Besides that it is a $1.60/hr parking for me.


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      There isn't much parking around the city. I used to park in King street for the whole day even though it was only 1hr parking.. was very lucky never got a ticket..
      Most of the bike parking in the city is limited to anywhere from 15mins to 1hr parking ONLY! :evil:
      You will find the odd bay on the side of the road amongst the car bays (ie Hay st) where you can stay for the day but that area then becomes a clearway zone at 4-430pm. The only other parking I can think of is in a multi storey near the Hotel Grand Chancelor, I think the entrance is off Murray street somewhere. A few bikes tend to park near the exit (wellington st). I THINK that is free, it was the last time I asked. Oh another one is along Terrace road behind the law courts/Duxton Hotel if you are game... So many bikes get knocked over there... Not sure if it's free though..

      That's all I can think of at the moment.
      Not a very friendly city to park in...

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        most of the open air carparks have a corner where you can park usually for free, also the Pier St car park ( on the side closest to Barrack St ) has some bike parking at half price ( don't pay at the machine on re entry see the guy in the kiosk next to the bike bays....


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          I find the best spot to be out front of COuntry Road on Murray Street just after King St on the right. There are about 7 dedicated bike bays there and can usually get a spot.

          If that dusn work, turn right onto Barrack and imediatly on the right there are two more, if that dusn work, turn right onto hay and 30 metres up on the right there are another 4.

          U can usually get one at these three places and they are all 100 metres from the Murray and Hay Street Malls.

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            Or just take your number plate off?

            What do ticket guys do then, tow your bike away? chain it to something
            mmmmm sacrilicious


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              They might see it as an 'abandoned vehicle' and store it for you...
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                outside the moon & sixpence there are a few on both sides of the road



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                  Try this out:


                  Then click on the "INTERACTIVE MAP" link.

                  This opens a java window and you can browse your way thru a map of the city and all the carparks.

                  When you pick one of the carparks, another java window opens, click on the big i for info on if it has (and how many) motorbike spots.


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                    Cheers people,

                    All wicked info.. think I will be able to make use of alot of it
                    Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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                      I think the guys above might have touched on this place but they were a bit vague on directions. To have FREE ALL DAY PARKING go down Barrack St and just before u get to the Wellington St intersection (10m before), turn left down an alley and go about 10m. Look to your right and there will be a vacant block of land that I used to park when I worked at Gloria Jeans in the mall. Just ride in and park near the wall


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                        Um, a few more:
                        Howard Street, just off George's Tce, has a few bays. There's several bays down on the Esplanade.

                        And when all the bays are full there's still tons of parking in town. I don't know what crappy reason there is denying us parking on the pavements (Melbourne doesn't have a problem with it) but you can park on commercially owned pavement - i.e. anywhere in town where a commercial building overhangs the street(not awnings, buildings), even if only by a meter is good & legal. Commercial forecourts, sidings, corners etc - anything not City Of Perth. Some buildings don't seem to give a shit so long as you park neatly, I've had very little hastle though I have been kicked off one or two.
                        Apparently it's legal to push your bike across the city pavements, so long as the engine is not running - same as it is to walk your bike through a pedestrian light if you're really pushed for time. So if a traffic bastard is around kill the donk & smile at him/her as you push your mount onto private land.
                        For example - QBE building (I think) opposite McDonalds/KFC on William St, large overhang, stacks of space.

                        Also have never had any trouble parking between the bollards where trees are planted between car bays along Murry St etc.