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*NEWS FLASH* Rossi's in Australia

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  • *NEWS FLASH* Rossi's in Australia

    Anyone else heard this? I've been told by some guys back in Sydney the he's been testing at Eastern Creek most of last week and that he was seen testing the new M1 at Phillip Island just last weekend.

    Looking at the Moto GP site, Rossi's been aty Sepang till around the 29th Jan and after that there's no news on him what so ever. My guess is, the Yamaha team has snuck out to Oz to get away from the media and other competitors.

    See, the guy just loves Oz!!!

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    there was an interview with him on 31 or sbs over the w/e. Was just about how he felt on his new bike/team. But i was half asleep and don't know where it was. doh


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      so how does one get herself to meet rossi? that's the question...

      coming from a girl who harassed the staff at bright eyes just to get the huge cardboard cut out of him, as he is one of the many faces of arnette

      mmmmmh giant rossi cut out....


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        dont drool on him toooo much luminal .. he'll go all soggy .!!
        Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

        Some say he only showers on even days of the week

        Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

        All we know is he's Hewie.


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          hey there's nothing wrong with a wet man
          especially if he's a rider
          and he's hot

          one day it will happen, and he'll propose to me, we'll have little moto gp babies, and live happily ever after

          i'll have all the replicas i need, even more!! and he'll be hung like a horse!!

          :twisted: (k)


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            yeah, rossi is testing on phillip island for today, and the next two days, trying out the sepang settings to see how long it takes to change the settings for a new track. due to using a new prototype engine, they have little info for each track apart from sepang in the dry.....


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              *takes one step away*

              Sounds like we've got ourselves a SSSStalker
              Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.