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    What do you reckon about getting a road/trail, and coverting it Motard style? I would be riding more on the road than trail, but occasionally get out in the bush or up in the pines and that. Is there much else you need to change to the setup of the bike, apart from the tires obviously?? I anticipate having 2 sets of rims, 1 onroad and 1 offroad. Easy enough??

    Ideas and suggestions welcome...

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    Where's Stan when ya need him?
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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      i think suspension is slightly diff too..maybe diff rear spring etc...not sure... they look da bomb tho 8)


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        Obvious suggestion: just make sure your chain is slackened (when compared to road riding) when u go bush co's of the nasty big jumps your bound to do


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          Motard mmm yum.

          Some upgrade front disks, change sprockets etc, and as you have said have a set of road rims and off road rims. Good luck on the motard


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            I bought a KTM 250sx last week and in the process of making it a motard as chasing RGV rims as ive been told its the cheapest option than going for motard rims for around $2800.I will post photos when i find out more.I,ve spoken to a few guys who reckon 250,s are fine as a motard.we,ll see how it goes. :roll: :roll: :roll:


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              i LOVE motards

              going down to see em again at cockburn go-kart track on sunday.
              Entry is free for those who havnt been.

              I'd love to own a motard (used to have motoX bikes so have a passion for dirt and road).

              If i were to buy one thought it would HAVE to be Honda CR500E (road registable enduro version) with motard wheels + improved brakes.

              109kg dry and 65hp of BRUTE single cylinder 2 stroke power GIVE ME!!!
              Few internal mods and 80hp aint to far away.....


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                I have 01 KLX250R that I bought for off road use and after 1 adventure rally and 1 lancelin run I found out I like road riding better.
                I have stuck a set of full road tyres on it with the standard rims, it is surprisingly good on the road, great for the river run but a bit slow on the freeway.

                It's actually for sale now I have a new road bike. (See the For Sale section)

                My dream was a KTM LC4 640 Though.

                Jason Hodges


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                  One word comes to mind when MOTARD is mentioned...

                  U all know him....

                  Give a big round of applause for....


                  * clap, clap clap.... *

                  Stan ? Stannn ?

                  Where the F#%$ is Stan....
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                    motard madness

                    go the brute motards this season..

                    everyone that rides one wants one.

                    currently riding a 2001 ktm 520 exc, all that i have changed so far is full titanium pipe, running same size discs as stock, as this makes it easier to change between road and dirt rims, and for playing around they are fine, if you have seen the way i ride you will know what i mean by playing around. i havnt evperieced any anchor problems with the stockies.

                    suspension.. waiting for larger springs for the front end, but at the moment just hardened up everything and running slightly thicker fork oil.
                    front hard comp and hard rebound.
                    rear, hard comp and mid rebound.

                    full ktm 17in rims with tyres, sprocket, and disks front and back will set you back about 2700.

                    major ups for having a motard.
                    you bin it doing 110, as long as it dosnt flip youll walk away with something that still resembles money in your pocket, parts are cheeper and you aint got plastics.
                    then there are the weekenders away in the bush for some pisssups and riding.
                    short cuts through parks have never been so easy, especially if you have a mobile christmas tree on your ass.
                    you can throw the thing around like an extension of your body.

                    major downer.
                    constant wobbles at high speed, there not violent but it just looks dodgy from the rear.
                    noooooooo high speed. mine max's out at around 170/180 running stock bush gearing, i think its around 15/48. this can be improved though, just drop teath on the back.

                    all i can say is go and have a look at the go-cart track, this sunday the 22 of feb. goo fun action.

                    lawn digs are kinda my thing


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                      sounds easy enuf i guess.

                      stan: how long does it take you to swap over ur rims? is there heaps involved in doing it, i've nevr really looked at that particular side of it.


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                        yeh they do feel a bit dodgy at higher speed, its just lack of fairing tho as the wind does blow u heaps, mine feels a bit shifty round 100 but thats got knobblies tho, they r stable but so they aint gunna fall over
                        I was raised on the Dairy....Bitch


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                          15-20 minutes once you get used to it
                          lawn digs are kinda my thing


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                            if anyones interested....