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iridium spark plugs

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  • iridium spark plugs

    they cost 4x as much.

    are they noticeably better?
    Not so concerend about the dollars and if they are real improvement then I must have them. But I need a real person to tell me they are better, not some guy whos trying to sell them to me.



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    Got em in the 12R, they last heaps longer and apparently give burn better
    we can race if u really want to find out how much better
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      I used them with my NOS setup and they survived, where as platnium tipped ones just melted(not a heat range issue)... so i think they are more tolerant to abuse..
      the ones i used were NGK's.. also they tend to turn orange in colour if used with octane boosters..
      i don't think there's any performance gain over the standard ones though..


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        I always use iridium plugs.

        Is it better? I like to think so.

        A bit like wearing an fine watch. It tells the same time as a $10 watch but dus it the little bit more accuralty and with greater pride of ownership.

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          Never ever fouled an iridium plug. They are a godsend for 2 strokes.
          Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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            Campo has them in his Sp and i am about to put them in my SP so ask him, give him a PM.

            From what others have already said on this thread though I think u probably would have made up your mind by now 8)
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              Do it!!!!!

              Thats all I have to say about that........