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octane boosters, fuel additives.....

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  • octane boosters, fuel additives.....

    r they any good to use on bikes?

    things like injector cleaners, etc. etc. they ok to use on bikes? obviously not on carbs? hheheheh im just blind in this area..... :oops:
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    Hmmmm, I was told a while ago that it's not usually a good idea. Never really done it myself and don't think I would. See what one of the techo's think....


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      As far as I know, they don't make much difference, they are made for cars. I was also told by someone that they do more harm than good.

      the premium unleaded/bp ultimate does a great job on the injectors.
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        i have had fuel tank filtes clog up in cars from putting addatives in the fuel. basically differents addatives were mixing and conjealing in the tank then cloggint the little filter. Very fucking hard to diagnose and fix i tellyou.

        basically they was clogging and the car would stop running then 10 mins later the gunk would remove itself from the filter and fuel would then flow again till it clogged again.

        i say stear clear of fuel addatives!

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          use bp ultimate and add 3% Nitrous Formula octane booster and you will notice a difference... on a 250 the difference will be 3/5 FA but on a thou' you will notice the throttle responce will improve (snappier). total horsepower gain about 2%.

          most of them are crap and most work the same is you use half the recommended dosage.
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            as i understand it, octane rating is the measure of resistance to detonation.
            And octane boosters do exactly that, increase ability to resist detonation.
            They are not going to give you anymore power then your bike already produces except with less likelyhood of detonation.
            However, say you run 4 degrees of advance ignition timing like in my r1 then you would definitely used octane booster which will assist increase in hp with more magin of safety. or say when you need to run 40hp's worth of nitrous.

            it could all be ...i'll live it up to you..