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Delurking and need some help..

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  • Delurking and need some help..

    Hey guys, I've been hanging around the forum for a few weeks and thought it time to say hello.. ive just been reading as much as I can to try and learn about this shit.
    I havnt even got my licence yet, I'm planning on getting a loan for a bike, gear, lessons.. everything I need to get into it. Its always been a dream to have the means to ride, only just recently been in a position to do it.

    So yeah, ive got a few questions:

    1. where do you guys get your insurance? who's good around perth? expected cost of insuring an rgv250? (driving record only got 1 speeding fine over 2-3 years)
    2. what stores and what gear do you recommend?
    3. know any real good riding schools south of the river?
    4. your views on an RGV 250 as a first bike? (all I hear about that is "you're an idiot", and that isnt exactly a helpful insight.)
    5. What sort of money am I looking at for all this shit? I'm planning on 7k all up..
    6. what exactly is required maintenance for a 2stroke? im decent with a spanner and mechanically minded, but no one ever says much more then 'oh 2 strokes need lots of maintenance.." and I've never touched a bike motor..
    7. Why isnt the sky blue at sunset? Your FAQ wasnt too helpful with that one.. :?

    anyway, bit about myself maybe? I'm 19 (20 in june), 1st year apprentice (Cert 3 Engineering - aircon and refrigeration).. used to be really into cars cuz of my mates. Always been drawn to bikes but none of my friends have a roadbike.. cars are missing a certain something, and I think bikes are the answer.. and since I first saw an RGV up close about a month ago, I cant stop bloody thinking about em, so now I have to get one. I even dream about the bastards! its torture. sweet torture.

    OK, I'll stop talking shit now. Cheers for your help.
    You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
    Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

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    Hi Wulf and welcome to the forum.

    On the whole bikes are about what you like. Sure we all like to play the manufaturer game, but I say in the end it comes down to what you like.

    If you want a RGV go for it.

    Make sure you get your posible purchases checked out by a bike mechanic. I'm not mechanically minded either, I just ride em, and I know 2 strokes can require head rebuilds etc. Causeway's will do that for you.

    Insurance, a lot of people use swann. Personally I'm off them after the last debacle I had with them.

    I would suggest SGIO as a good alternative but at 19 years of age with no bike riding experience expect to get punished. A 7k bike is probably going to set you back somewhere in the order of 1200-1500 per year (age + excess).

    Riding school i donno. Someone advise a riding school for the banjo plucking side of the river?

    Good Luck.


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      When I was your age (hah! never thought I'd say that), Swann quoted me around $2000 to insure an Aprilia RS250, which is in the same insurance bracket - though had a higher market value; so I'd say melkor's estimation would be fairly spot on.

      Two-strokes require a supply of good oil to keep functioning. Use crap oil and it will not last as long, run out of oil and it will not last 100m. Typically, the maintenance required on most two-strokes boils down to a rebuild of the top-end; so a pistons and rings kit is usually enough to get you by. From memory, you can expect to perform this every 15,000 to 20,000km; though it's not terribly expensive. Also, power valves on RGVs (older ones especially) can fail and trash the motor, so they need to be checked & cleaned at intervals too; I think around every 10,000km or so? But I could be wrong.

      Oh yeah, don't listen to the nay-sayers about owning an RGV as a 250. They're probably the type of guys that paid $7000 for a 1991 CBR250RR and got sick of being hosed in traffic light grands prix. Seriously though; treat it with respect - as you would on any bike you should own, 2-stroke or 4 - and you'll be fine.


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        Go the 2stroke!!!!

        The circus is calling...


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          Do searchs on alot of those topics, they ahve been covered a number of times.

          Cya round 8)
          Nick :twisted:


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            Hehe your in like the exact same posi as i am, except i have started takin my lessons 8) , i have too say i really like the RGV too just dont buy the one im going too :roll: or ill be pissed. i have noticed thier arnt many out thier on the market (well good ones anyway). other then that good luck with it all m8 have too hook up for a ride sometime . :twisted:


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              Hey Wulph!!! Welcome along mate, you've come to the right place!

              My opinion with 2 strokes like the RGV is that they're to high maintenance. Bugger having to put a tin of oil in there every few tanks. Just call me lazy but yeah, I'd go for something like the CBR250, most of which are bullet proof or even a ZZR250 or Suzuki Across. Either way, you're only going to have the 250 for 12 months. These bikes are reallly good to get the hang of things with and you can pick a decent one up pretty cheap. Concentrate on spending the big dollars on a bigger bike later down the track. Go see the boys down at Causeway Honda, they'll look after you for sure.

              As for insurance, Swann, Western QBE or SGIO. Get quotes from everywhere and see what suits better. But be prepared for a shock cause insurance can be up to $2500 depending on the bike, the rider etc.

              Cauesway Honda can look after you with lessons and rider training. Well they can point you in the right direction for sure.

              Anyhow, if there's anything else you need just ask, everyone here's really helpful.

              Good luck with it mate!


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                Shit yeh, what a response! thanks guys.. 8)

                Campo: yeah Ive considered that sort of thing, but I cant get the RGV outta my head, its not the same feeling when I see a ZZR or CBR on the road.. :roll:

                I'm going up Belmont way today, might drop in at causeway and see what they're like.. thanks for that.
                You cant mess up that which you were born to do.
                Pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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                  Hey Wulph, I wouldn't bother stopping in today ( Sunday) as there all gonna be closed....

                  Lots of RGV's out there just try and get a newer one as was mentioned before the power valves can give you trouble... Do some research on the net for RGV info there are lots of sites around... Sorry I don't have any links but I have seen some sites...

                  Good luck

                  I agree with what Campo said, in 12 months your gonna want to upgrade.
                  ZZR,GPX,Across are all bullet proof inexpensive bikes without the ring ding ding everywhere you go and ZX2 and CBR's are pretty but cost shitloads more,
                  I'd stick to a 4 stroke with and electric start but i'm a real lazy bastard


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                    I got a RGV

                    Its not insured cos its not worth it..its around like 2-2.5k mark per year

                    Bike maintaneance..not much to it, just clean pv's every 3000kms (easy as), airbox, check brake fluid, drain gear box oil every so often, etc like any other bike (theres a post somewhere in forum that covered rgv maintaneance, look up username 'stinker' and it should be in there)

                    I enjoy ridin it, no problems since owning it, well worth the fun and excitement IMO

                    Bottom line what melkor said before, in the end it comes down to what you like.

                    Happy ridin!


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                      Btw Swann Insurance doesn't insure RGV's :roll:

                      And my bike will be up for sale very soon, I'm due for an upgrade..

                      If interested just pm me.


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                        I'd stick to a 4 stroke with and electric start   but i'm a real lazy bastard  
                        Must be a V-Twin thing eh Gordo?


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                          and all i'll say is welcome to PSB ..

                          Also try Gary (Grandmaster) at Northside. He would also be able to help out in the areas of 250 Kwaka's
                          Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

                          Some say he only showers on even days of the week

                          Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

                          All we know is he's Hewie.


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                            I'd stick to a 4 stroke with and electric start   but i'm a real lazy bastard  
                            Must be a V-Twin thing eh Gordo?
                            For sure Campo

                            Oh and I forgot to mention earlier, Riding Schools

                            The only one I would recomend Southish is Smartrider.

                            his name is Wal Richards he is Cert IV qualified instructor and hell of a nice guy.
                            0402 115 533
                            9470 6500
                            email [email protected]

                            works from,
                            Superior Equipment ,17 Lathlain Place,Lathlain

                            Tell him Scottish Gordon and Gordon junior sent ya ....


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                              Don't have much advise cause i never had a 2 fiddy but i will say one thing mate.... WELCOME. you have come to the right place. All the best with the hunting down a bike. you gonna have fun. Come down some time and meet the guys. Just make sur eyou goto the "in the loop" section and see whent he guys meet up.