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Shittiest day so far this Year.

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  • Shittiest day so far this Year.

    What a day this has been.
    Started off with 3 cage drivers trying to take me out, one after the other. On graham farmer taking my time going at about 85 in the middle lane and the next thing i know this women from the left lane is moving over. NO INDICATOR!!! didn't even bother to look to the right at the blind spot. Just decided to move over. Then to top it, i am giving her the horn and all and she still kept coming over. i had to brake and then move over to the right to over take her. When i was over taking she gives me the finger. FARKKKKK road rage wasn't the way to describe what i was doing.
    I get to the east perth exit and i am lane spliting all the way to the lights. Just before i get to the lights some bitch decides that she ain't gonna let me past. The lights were red and she moved her car from the middle of the lane to the left of the lane(yes she was in the right lane). She did it on Purpose. I could not farken believe it. i horned her and she just gave me the finger. i was that close to getting off my bike and pulling her out the car and bashing her. By then i had noticed that there were some cops in the far right lane turning right onto Lord. They were watching us and by the time i had noticed they were there the lights had turnd green. so i missed out on some fun.
    I get to work to find this mad house. Most of our divisions had viruses for some reason. spent the day sorting that out.
    I get home to find out We're going down south. Oh i don't get a say cause it has been organised already.
    I just got off the phone with my grand mother. My Unlce has Died....
    Man what a damn year. sheeesssaa.
    Well ia m off. time to hit the sack. have a good weekend boys and do be carefull. Stay up.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad day dude... :cry:
    I hope it all gets better from here for ya

    <span style="font-family:Comic Sans Ms">HAVE I MENTIONED I GOT TO HUG ROSSI????</span>


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      Try not to focus on the negatives and life travels alot smother thats my moto


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        Dam i get all philosophical and shit when im high on caffine :twisted:

        Note to self... take it easy on the energy drinks :oops: when im out

        they go down too easy and taste too dam good


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          I could say simfing weely filasoficl like but instead........dats a bummer dood. Sorry to hear.

          So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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            thanks shit mate..

            just remember a bad day is the start of a good week

            and it a long w/e now

            party on garth and party on wayne
            Nick :twisted:


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              Damn Marco, you don't look like the angry type of guy

              When i have shitty days i just think when there's a bad one, there'll be a better one just around the corner.
              Originally posted by vk6hgr
              My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                Daise. Hehehe look i may be the calmest guy around, most of the time. i don't tend to loose my patience that much. BUT get me in my wife's cage and you get to see road rage at the max. it's worse when i am in the cage cause the damn thing has no acceleration and no way around these cage drivers. On the bike it is another story. i have the acceleration to get past and give some gester or speak out aloud to make sure they hear and then drive off and forget about it.
                Thanks for all the support guys and i am feeling a bit better . Man so many people out there this weekend and most of em don't know what it means to stay left.
                Ohh by the way is there someone out there that went south and came back today? Someone that owns a white hyundai excel? maybe you a female as well that was driving by yourself? WHY i hear you ask? Well driving at 80km/h in the right lane for more than 10km isn't funny. Whats even more frustrating is that you stayed there even if people were shinning their lights at you and honking their horn. :evil:
                It was like you were in your own world or you were doing it on purpose. Some people do have time on their hands but some just want to get home a bit faster.

                Anyways i am sure that most of you had a better weekend than i did. Ohh that rain just did it for me. woke up in the tent with water dripping on my face. WONDERFULL.


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                  How old was your uncle? how did he die?

                  yeah with the aggression of drivers towards bikes is just stupid. Sometimes the best way to treat aggression is being calm. I don't honk or give the finger anymore, I expect that shit all the time now.
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