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  • Deal or No Deal?

    I just offered someone $#### (Selling purposes) for a
    1990 RGV250
    The bike seems in pretty okay condition only that some electrics are a bit dodgy at times. Shouldn't cost too much to fix ... right?

    what are your opinions on the purchase?
    Any tips?

    (P.S) Looking for some deals on gear now ... anyone?

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    Nah that sounds ok, its hard to say really without seeing the bike. If in doubt take it into a dealer prob cost about 60 -80 bucks and they will look it over for you. Small price to pay for peice of mind on what you are buying.
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      Km's :?: :?: I have been told only expect to get 20,000 to 25,000 km out of the motor before a rebuild. I know that to be close to the truth as one of the guys at work engine lunched it's self at 24,000km mark :oops:

      Find out when the engine was last rebuilt, date and km wise and go from there.

      Still $2,500 for a bike, what would you expect to get :idea:


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        after looking around at some rgv's on the net and from other peoples' experience with them the one i'm getting is a bargain. i actually believe it's a 1991 model with a banana swingarm, it has 38,000 km's but last rebuilt at 35,000 last year. i can't wait to get it

        thanks for the advice ace i'll make sure to do that

        hope to come riding with you guys sometime soon


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          Rgv Hahahaha whatever k's or Price it's still a smelly 2 stroke....

          Good to see you getting out there on a bike of some description though Dude ..... See you on the Black stuff......
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            dont be surprised if he leaves you for dead on obriens maarken.those bikes fly for what they are. but they do stink :? :? :?


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              that was my first bike,awesome fun,just high maintenance,and i mean high$$$$$$$$$$$ :roll: :roll: :roll: