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Great excuse to buy a new Gixxer 1000!

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  • Great excuse to buy a new Gixxer 1000!

    Looks like Suzuki is sweetening the deal due to the lack of an 'all new' bike for 2004. Interesting how the deal is being offered for the period that the other three will have their new bikes on the showroom floor.

    Check out the list of extras for 'free'

    - Yoshimura Tri-Oval Titanium Muffler $950.00
    - Oggy Knobbs Protector Kit $139.00
    - Afam Gold Alloy Rear Sprocket $ 99.00
    - Sharp Racing Swingarm Pickups $ 31.50
    - Goodridge Braided Front Brake Hose Kit $220.00
    - NGK Iridium Spark Plugs $ 88.00
    - Motul Oil Pack (5100 engine oil, Brake fluid, Chain lube, Chain clean, Silicon clean) $120.00
    - Team Suzuki Superbike Sponsor Sticker Kit $157.50
    - Team Suzuki Championship Pit Jacket $295.00
    Total $2,100

    Still...well worth the money and the bike looks pretty sharp all kitted out. Yoshi tri oval is very tasty...

    All the details right here

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    No indicators or mirrors ay.


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      Suzuki Extras

      No indicators or mirrors ay.
      They've gotta recover the cost somewhere mate!

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        Haven't we already got a thread on this?

        And IMHO the white colour scheme is horrible.


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          mmm can i have one without the expensive sticker kit...

          and indicators and mirrors would be good. maybe even somewhere to mount a number plate too....

          Infact i know its not very gixxer.... but can i have a red one


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            I am in love with this bike, they are by far my favourite bike.

            Gotta go rob a bank. brb
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              yes, yes very nice...over here in Canberra i saw a silver gixxer thou brand new with oggies and rs3 yoshi (not tri-oval ) for $17500 (asking price). Not bad but you'd be able to get 'em lower than that by heaps. Still... I cant afford home theatre stuff AND a new bike :evil: :evil: