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Which should I use /or do?

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  • Which should I use /or do?

    Run the bike on:

    1. Undead (all the time)
    2. Unlead (Sometimes Prem every 5 fill ups)
    3. Run on Prem / 98 all the time?

    Or what?

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    I used to run my Fj on premium all the time... 1 its cleaner... 2 you can actually feel the nicer ride... 3 in a bike tank....the price is fark all... so why not?


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      i only ever run my on bp 98...
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        have only ever used bp98

        y not ?

        It's a very powerful, high octane , unleaded fuel that maximizes engine power and performance. BP Ultimate's unique formula also produces less pollution than any other Australian petrol.

        Performance Benefits

        With an octane rating of 98 BP Ultimate™ offers better performance and more power.

        It is a high density fuel that means BP Ultimate™ provides better fuel economy and cost savings for you

        BP Ultimate™ has a very low sulphur content - 10 times lower than the national standard for unleaded fuels - ensuring lower sulphur emissions and greater engine eficiency

        BP Ultimate™ is a highly refined fuel that produces low levels of benzene, sulphur and lower aromatics - helping you contribute to cleaner, healthier air.

        Nick :twisted:


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          Use unleaded....ONLY...if the servo has no prmium or Ultimate.!!
          Ya Stooge!!
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            Nick....did you copy and paste that from BP's web site or something? haha


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              If he didn't, then he's a walking BP advertisment
              Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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                Maybe I just get some VP Fuel

                <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>VP Racing Fuels</a></span>

                Check out the <span style=\'color:red\'><a href=\' ded\' target=\'_blank\'>FUELS</a>

                What Fuel should I use for what . . . . .


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                  No idea, I just use Ultima98 all the time, basically to keep the bike running at it's optimal performance.. and yes, I can hear people laughing that know I ride a cbr 250
                  Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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                    i use BP98 every tank. i heard all the other premiums are only 96ron.


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                      Only ever run BP98 here.

                      U get wot u pay for in this world.

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                        yes i did get from the website CAD

                        :oops: cause i had the same question few months ago...

                        come on u think im goin type all that
                        Nick :twisted: